A Heavy Heart



With a heart so heavy, knuckles dragging the floor

A mind asking what is all of this trouble for?

With a heart so heavy, chin tucked tightly in a chest

A cry for help going out to someone to give them a rest

With a heart so heavy, no future seen in sight

Time runs together, mixing up one’s days and nights.

With a heart so heavy, a weary body crumbles to the ground…

Laying there defenseless, waiting to be found.

With answers in His hands and love in His arms

Jesus gathers them up and the heavy heart warms

“My joy is your strength,” He tenderly whispers in an ear

As He protectively and lovingly wipes away every tear.

A heavy heart no more does He see

As He gazes on a heart now that is free.


27 Replies to “A Heavy Heart”

          1. I’m lull-ing. I have a health issue that saps my energy for long stretches. I can still go about my business, but I’m weary. We had a good week last week, with visitors and birthday; we’re resting.
            Heavy heart 😥 Family stuff? 🙏

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                1. Yes I am really enjoying essential oils. I found a brand called grandmas home that are good quality at a fraction of the big names prices. I’ve been cypress for bedwetting on my youngest and I think its working! Some of my favorites are juniper berry oil and basil. Basil works well for pain especially headaches. And I love diffusing ylang ylang and vetiver to calm the kids

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  1. I liked this one a lot! Thanks! When we put our trust in him, and we rest in him, too, and we let him lead, and we don’t try to hold on to our burdens, he does lift them. We just have to keep giving them to him and not take them on ourselves.

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      1. Amy, I am well, and you? I am glad to see the sun out today. We have had so many dark gloomy and rainy days here in TN. But, that makes me really appreciate the sun when we can actually see it. So, I am enjoying the sunshine today. 🙂

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