The Blue Bowl


Today, as I was preparing some strawberries for my daughters, I pulled down the blue bowl. As you can see this bowl is quite ordinary, tattered, and a bit ugly in my opinion. But as I held it in my hand, I knew I’d give it to my 6 year old for strawberries. I knew that it would make her smile. She believes that bowl is just so beautiful, unique and shiny. I’m not sure what makes her see this. Maybe because it’s clear. Or maybe it’s because we don’t have that many choices of bowls. Either way, it makes her smile.

We are like that blue bowl in God’s eyes. Think of all you’ve done, said, and did that could make you look ordinary, tattered and a bit ugly. Ugly like the time you said what you said to you know who…when you clearly shouldn’t have. Tattered and torn from many years of sin before coming to the Lord.

Furthermore…what about those sitting in prison for their crimes? The murderers, the liars, the cheaters. They are blue bowls seen by God as precious, beautiful souls in need of His love. Some of you may work alongside of far-left liberals who don’t believe or see things they way you do. They, are still blue bowls. Some of us may know or rub shoulders with those who have a totally different view on who God is, worshipping and praying to the east daily. They are blue bowls as well. Some of us have loved ones that have hurt us to our core- and while it’s so hard to forgive and let go- we have to wake each day and give them to God. And remember that yes, they are souls in need of our forgiveness and God’s saving.

Next time we look at those that are without…remember they are like God taking down that blue bowl, eyes shining as He sees something so valuable, unique and beautiful. Just like we should look at ourselves as well.

The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:8-10


28 Replies to “The Blue Bowl”

  1. Thanks to Bruce for reposting this. I have always loved the art form of pitting back together a broken piece of clay .The process uses a stream of gold to make it worth more than before. Don’t you think our God does the same with our broken lives?

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  2. Oh, how beautiful my Amy! Look how God took something so simple as a blue bowl, and sparked this amazing lesson for you to share with us. I just love how it all works out for our (your) blessing and His glory! ❤

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