He Sees You


Ever you tried to stand out, to be seen, to be heard.

You wanted to be noticed, longing for the loneliness to be cured.

Though some would say you were never alone

But that’s not what your heart would moan…

For them just to stop the nonsense and simply see

The girl you were, the woman you would come to be.

When life’s roadmap gives you an alternative route

Never forget Whose name you can always shout!

For He has always seen you and knows you better than any could

He knows the plans He has for you; if only you would…

Remember to seek Him first

Drink from His cup and you’ll never thirst.

I know, I know, how hard this stage of life can be

When all you seek is for those you love to be happy.

I know, I know, how it feels to watch the enemy come in and steal.

The changing circumstances don’t even feel real.

He sees you, He hears you, He knows you.

There’s nothing He can’t help see you through.

Words to leave with you, words so outstanding…

Trust in the Lord, lean not unto thine own understanding!



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