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Tiptoeing through life, never were you one to upset the cart.

Ducks in a row, bills all paid according to your chart.

Compliant, kind, never raising your voice.

Running from conflict, peace was your only choice.

With these strengths came a weakness in disguise

For your preditors would find you and bring you to your demise.

No boundaries and never saying no

Caught up with you and tormented you so.

As you bitterly saw them for what they were

To get them off your back, you found no cure.

Turning to whatever you could find

To fill in the hole that they left behind

When they ripped your heart out of your chest

Palms empty, left with nothing to invest.

But don’t you forget your very first love.

The One, the Father from above.

He can fill your heart with that first zeal…

All you have to do is kneel…

And invite Him back in…

Ask Him to forgive every sin.

He will guide, help and show you

How to spot that enemy and his nasty crew.


13 Replies to “Kneel”

  1. You’re right on target about how all of us have a void, how we all cope in varying ways, but none of them aligns with God’s design for us. Kinda reminds me of my reading this morning in Rev 3: So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth.
    We may try to be the quiet one, make no waves, hide. But it is not well with our souls.

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