At The End of the Day

Where are you off to now lost soul?

Didn’t they share with you their goal?

Running, turning back and forth

Didn’t they tell what you are worth?

Lost soul just where will you go?

Hiding from His presence, can’t be so

He’s everywhere, anywhere all the time

No remote cliff that you could climb

No dark valley that He can’t illuminate

Stop running and begin to communicate

Lost soul you do belong…

No matter what you’ve done wrong

If anyone knows your pain, I do

If anyone knows what you could gain, I do

Lost soul, I once was you without a clue

Searching but hiding, staying but running

I see your future, and it could be stunning

Your path is set before you, which way?

For it is your choice at the end of the day


6 Replies to “At The End of the Day”

      1. My husband’s doctor decided to postpone the radiation treatment for a couple of weeks, to give him time to heal from the surgery. So the Monday through Friday daily 220 mile round trip commute to the radiologist will start next week, and continue for approximately 5 weeks.

        I’m grateful he can get these treatments, and trying not to stress over all that driving, you know? He’s so worth it.

        How are you doing? Judging by this beautiful poetry, I would guess that you are doing pretty good. ❤

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        1. I am ok. The loss of my mom is behind me. I have kiddos I have to focus on. Only get one chance with them, ya know?

          Man that’s gonna be alot of driving. Maybe some audiobooks would help fill in some of the time. And you’ll become a pro at driving that route.
          Thank you for the compliment

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