A New Life

All of those years wondering in my own bewilderment

Questioning how I could ever be used as Your instrument

Never worthy, never doing the right thing

Not knowing what it felt for my heart to sing

I wanted so badly to know You and to serve

But shame kept me thinking dismay, I deserved

You said, “I will draw all men unto me.”

The day you sang my name, Amy

There’s been a song echoing in my heart

A song that’s needed sung from the start

Thank you God are the words most dear

For Lord, I know how important those words are to hear

You gave me a new heart, a new life

Cutting away the pain with your healing knife

You took the old, dead tissue, casting it aside

While you showed me you are my cleft, my place to hide

Lord I’m sure I haven’t said it in such a while

Thank you, thank you for making my heart smile

Thank you, thank you for each brand new day

Thank you, thank you for showing me the Way


12 Replies to “A New Life”

      1. It’s perfect for your motto! And I tried homeschooling with Chelsea one year. My hat is off to you! Abeka was hard! I wound up enrolling her in 2 different small Christian schools in our town before it was over. The last one was the best! Which one are you going with?

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