Is It Morning Yet?

Here’s a repost of mine. Fitting for any of us with the Monday blues.

Is there anyone out there hanging on tightly, trying to stay afloat? One wrong move and you know you’ll rock the boat? If you give in to one tear, one emotion, it will all fall down. For depression is lurking around in your town. He saunters down the lonely streets of your heart. Searching, shifty […]

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Transitioning — mycreatorscreation

This is an awesome testimony! And if you don’t follow this blog….you should


I grew up in a Christian home, but what does that really mean? To me, it meant nothing but restrictions. Did I really know my bible or the word of God? No—I would attend church week after week only because I had too. As I grew older I would leave the church for good, and I…

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Dear Loved One

Another repost y’all. Hard to get inspired when your head is full of a cold. 🤒 This one gets to the heart of the matter concerning those we love who struggle with drugs/addiction.

Dear Loved One, Where you going? Where to will you run? Haven’t you noticed the Devil has you yet again undone? He tells you the same lies, his whispers now a holler. Shouting to you that the drugs will make the problems smaller. When you look in the mirror loved one, what do you see? […]

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Our Battle Cry

Here’s a repost to get y’all and me battle ready for midweek. Thought to think on….the blood that flows freely for us, that provides us to move freely in our lives; is the same blood that can slow down and drown the enemy! Pleading the blood frees us and freezes them(that yucky devil and his buddies)

Do you hide in the trenches, sunken down low? Are your ever searching eyes darting to and fro? Watching, waiting for just the right moment to steal the show. Running onto the battlefield with your ancient weapons, yelling behind you to your allies, “It’s a go!” “Anxiety you go left! Depression go right and freeze […]

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Your Lies revealed

Repost for some of you new followers. I sure appreciate you all that read my ramblings. Here’s a poem to get a little fight in ya for the weekend! God bless

I can hear your whispers in my ear. Telling me what you think I need to hear. Your lies are revealed this day. Hold on tight for I’m coming your way! You lie to me saying I’m not enough. You lie, telling me I’m not tough… I guess you forgot that I have my sword. […]

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The Peace Within the Stillness, of God’s Love

Congrats to my blogging buddy Warren for the title! Although, Peacespeaker was voted for 3x, Warren’s post the very same day as this poem spoke deeply to my heart. So I felt it appropriate for his title suggestion to win the big bucks! Oh wait no money, no prize, just recognition; so check out his blog and follow him today. Read it and see how God works even in our little blog world.

A snow storm may be in the forecast of your future days. Icy cold stares, mean words coated within a frozen haze. Can you weather it? Are you sure you can be strong? To be hurt by someone you’ve loved for so long? What about a torrential rain threatening to flood your streets? Bills, past […]

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When Love Came

Another repost y’all. Back to work after two weeks off is like starting all over again with this worn out earthly body of mine. How many of you are ready for our heavenly bodies? Can you relate to what I wrote here back in June?

When love came, I was at my lowest, scratching and clawing my way through the hatred of this world. When love came, I was leary if it, wondering where the catch was. When love came, I begged and pleaded to be free. When love came, the monster inside was fed for the last time! When […]

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