Peaceful Retrospective Thinking


Do you think it’s possible? Are you able to sit back and think on the past and have peace? We should, but it’s not an easy thing to do. How many times have you started on a thought process like this…”I can’t believe she said that to me. Right to my face like that. Doesn’t she know any better. I should’ve walked away. I should have slammed the door on her. Oh, Lord help me to stop thinking about her like this. I’m sorry Lord, forgive me.” Am I the only one who has these conversations in my mind? Here you are going about your day gardening or dishes (it’s always dishes for me!) When you realize you have been at this thinking for a good 5 minutes. Here’s the kicker, this “thing” that you are going on about happened 10 or more years ago!

Retrospective, today’s Daily Prompt. Retrospective: something pertaining to the past.

Is the past always so daunting, filled with regret for everyone? I say no. Are there people out there that can do the dishes and go back 10 or 20 yrs. and think on something pleasant? Sure! And they are wonderful people to be around.

Reminisce. Like when old friends get together and talk about the good old times. 

But for those who come from traumatic backgrounds and negative environments, like myself, reminiscing is a whole different ballpark. Families that sit together and talk about aunt so and so and how she did this or said that, many years ago at the picnic. Get where I’m going with this? Or families that look back when grandma died and how Uncle Jack took everything, and everyone else got slighted. It can create a cycle of judgemental, disruptive thinking, passing on to our children.

How then can we, who have come from this, go beyond it? I heard it said that we each have a pond of peace in our souls. We want to keep the surface of our ponds calm to the point it looks like glass. Each time someone hurts or offends you, you’re given a stone. You have two choices. You can give that stone to Jesus or you can throw it in your pond. What happens when you throw a stone into a pond? Ripples, that go to one side and back. It keeps going back and forth and it takes much time for that surface to calm to glass again. The preacher went on to say, everytime you think about that offense, you’re throwing another stone into your pond. And it’s as if they have hurt you all over again! Profound thought, isn’t it? How’s your peace pond today?


P.S. This is my Friday post being put out Thursday for the Daily Prompt Challenge for the word Retrospective. Pray for my 8 yr old daughter competing in a bible quiz tournament tomorrow. They have a chance at nationals!




When your breaks fail and you’re skidding out of control…broken

When you simply can’t say no and you have given over control…broken

When you put all your eggs in one basket until it overflows…broken

When your truths are found to be false and you’re found out…broken

When you search deep to find the first love and you come out empty…broken

When you wake, weak and listless full of regret…broken

When you take a knee, bow your head, fold your hands; Lord help me, I’m broken.

An Addict’s Poem

Broken The Daily prompt