Greetings From The South!


Howdy y’all, greetings from down South! We’re in Tennessee, in a cozy cabin on the side of a mountain! For some of you, the details of this picture are an everyday occurrence. I’m from the flat part of the midwest, so the mountains and the views are spellbounding. No wonder why there’s so many refrences to the mountains in the bible!

Today, we saw a black bear sitting in a parking lot, scratching his head with his hind leg! Finally, I can say…”Yeah we saw a bear, big deal.”

I have some questions for you today. When you look at that path in the picture, what do you see? Do you perceive it as an easy way up or an easy way down?

Although, the way looks like a path of least resistance, either way you look at it, the path would still be treacherous to climb or descend. Just a thought. I looked at it as an easy way up. But we all know that progress in healing-spiritually, mentally, and physically- is never a smooth path. There will be ups and downs and turns and twists along the way. Be patient with yourself (this is a reminder for myself as well) that progress isn’t easy, but well worth the treacherous path!

P.S. I have a praise report: My oldest daughter, who has autism, went on a gyro astronaught challenge that flips up and down and all around. I was astounded to see her overcome a fear in anticipation of fun. It is a step toward healing for her!



Addiction: Inside The Addict’s Habits


What? Addict’s habits? How does that work? An addiction is a habit; how do we get any more inside of that? There’s more than meets the eye here. And when I get halfway through with this, you the reader, will be able to fill me in on more habits of your addicted loved ones than I can inform you.

I once watched a hand of a man holding a cigarette. I was sitting in my car and all that was in my view was his hand holding a cigarette as he was waiting to cross the parking lot away from where I was. He flicked and flicked the thing the whole time, at a constant rate. His habit.

I knew of a father and husband who went (and still does) to the same bar every day after work. The bar has changed names and owners several times over the years, but yet he goes. His habit.

I knew very well of a couple who, during the work week, did the whole American family thing. Work, kids, school, homework, baseball, etc. Sun through Friday. But every Friday and Saturday night they would snort grams of coccaine and play cards. Their habit.


Along with addiction comes the rituals and planning process. As agonizing as it was for me to hunt down the drugs I needed, it was also exhilarating at the same time. Kinda like going to thrift or antique stores looking for something in particular. That hope you have is a real desire. When you get what you were looking for, no replicas, it’s a great feeling.  It can become something you look forward to doing again just to repeat that conquering feeling.

Aside from the hunt, there’s the addict’s rituals. Examples: the favorite nostril to snort with, the favorite arm or leg for the needle, the favorite bar, or the favorite drink mixed only by so and so…the list goes on.

What I’m getting at here is when an addict comes to sobriety, those little quirks/rituals are taken away too. It can be hard for the sober addict’s mind to let go of those things. So instead of flicking the cigarette they may need to have a pencil in hand to twirl and flick. Or instead of that nightly drink, they may make themselves a soda and fruit juice drink to soothe that craving. We need to be compassionate and considerate when it comes time for our loved one to become sober. We need to give them grace and not look down our noses at some of the replacement techniques they may need to simply “get through.”

I’m curious of any other habits or quirks you’ve seen with yourself or loved ones. Also I’m curious about substitutions you may have used or seen being used. Leave in the comments section…

Here is a link to a post by JulieDibbles…How I Quit Drinking. She writes how she quit drinking-how God’s hand was the ultimate game changer, and how she overcame the rituals/habits she was accustomed to. I highly recommend you read it.

Mystery Blogger Award

15284901354361684182468.jpgThank you SimplyWendi for nominating me for this award. I enjoyed your questions and I enjoy your blog! I just love these things…takes a load off when inspiration is hard to come by.

Questions and Answers:

1. If you could cure one disease, what would it be and why?

This is a no brainer for anyone who knows me well, that I would cure addiction. I’d totally eradicate it, with no traces of it’s ugly affects being left behind. Although, some may disagree that it’s not a disease, most would have to agree that it’s a mental issue, right? Ok ok that’s a whole another post! I would cure it to set our future generations free from it’s bondage. I also would cure it because many other diseases and side effects could be cured along with it.

2. If you could speak any other language what would it be and why?

I’d like to learn/speak Hebrew and Greek. I think it would awesome to speak the same language as Jesus did when He walked on this Earth. And I would have such an advantage at deciphering the Word.

3. If you could do your life over, what is the one thing you would change?

The more I’m healed of shame, the more I see how forgiveness from God is like getting a do-over. If I pick one do-over, it would be to have gone to college after high school.


4. What is the one word you wish you heard more often?

Man Wendi, this is a tough one! I guess it would be freedom. It isn’t as easy to find outside of United States

Here’s a link to one of my favorite posts. This part 1 of a 3 part series…Die With Me Today

My Questions for my nominees are

1. If you could be successful at one thing, with pay, what would it be and why?

2. If you could travel back into time, what time period and why? (Not the future)

3. If you could do away and wipe out one specific crime what would it be and why?

4.(funny question) Would you rather have 2 sets of teeth or eyes going all around your head and why?

My nominees

Joe Rodriguez



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Family Road Trip


Got to see my beautiful lilies bloom before we left this morning! God’s creations are so beautiful!


This one is for my friend Wally Fry! Here’s our cat Tiger in mid-meow! Lol


Entering the bridge over the Ohio River! This landmark is the first in our trip! We get excited to see it.


The Ohio River.


Downtown Georgetown, KY! What an awesome and historical city. We saw some cool old homes, old saw Mills and beautiful horse country. We’re 15 mins away in Frankfort Kentucky for the night. We’re heading into the mountains to Gaitlinburg, Tennessee.




How do you crawl out from underneath someone’s shoe?

How you wiggle your way through the folds of a thumb?

How do you keep yourself from splitting in half when trying to rip yourself away from the piercing pin that has you pinned down?

How do you open your mouth when a preverbial hand will clamp it shut?

How do you hold your head high when it’s hinges are rusted shut from unuse?

How do you cut the puppet master’s strings?

How do you fly like a bird?

Sing like an angel?

Smile like a baby?

Laugh like a child?




When Love Came

When love came, I was at my lowest, scratching and clawing my way through the hatred of this world.

When love came, I was leary if it, wondering where the catch was.

When love came, I begged and pleaded to be free.

When love came, the monster inside was fed for the last time!

When love came, I felt the first true embrace in my heart.

When love came, I met someone new…me.

His love became my love.

This was inspired by a thought Wally Fry had yesterday…

God is love. If God the Holy Spirit is in us, should we not also be love?


Last Day of Quote Challenge

Thank you Stu for nominating me for this fun challenge. Check out Stu’s page for honest reading.

The rules of this challenge are as follows:

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My last quote is………


This one is something we all need to remind ourselves. Do you ever feel like your progress in life, or in your walk with God, is slow. That you’re moving along at a snail’s pace compared to those around you or them that came before you? The Bible says we shouldn’t compare. But how hard is that when this life sometimes feels like a race to the finish line? Like I said in Keeping up with Joneses, we should be looking vertically not horizontally.

When you feel like your ministry isn’t growing like you envisioned, think of yourself as the snail and the Ark as heaven and start making your way toward it. That’s what matters in the end. Getting there. When you think about your marriage and how it seems you’ll never be equally yoked think of the snail. For me today…I think of the progress I’ve made in therapy but yet some appointments leave me feeling like there’s so much more work and healing to be done. So I’ll be the snail and make my way today toward heaven.

My nominees are:

Heavensreef: She is a tremendous encourager…and we’ll I just love the name!

Sue Love because I have a respect for her perseverance in her marrige

Lawsonsmustardseed Although I nomiate this young lady, she may not have the time to do a 3day quote challenge, but I urge you to go to her page and read what God is doing in their family. She is a new mom with a young baby Lawson, who needs your prayers and support. She is real and honest.