Sunshine Blogger Award


Thank you Stewart at Something to Stu Over for nominating me for this fun award. Stewart’s Blog and ministry is focused on helping those with porn addiction. He is insightful and honest.

The rules of this award state:

  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you in a blog post and make a link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions sent to you by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award, and then write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blogG

Stewarts Questions for us nominees:

1. How to you spread rays of sunshine (hope) outside of your blog? I try to purposefully be kind to others. (Although I have moments and moods.) I usually try to look for ways to help those around me.

2. What is one cliche’ you cannot stand?What goes around comes around. I can’t stand that we think this is comforting because essentially we are wishing the same onto another and that’s down right wrong. “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.”
Romans 12:19 KJV

3. What does the term “God’s got this” mean to you? Funny you ask! Yesterday’s post answers it…go here to read it.

4.Out of your hardest trial or struggle, what is the most valued thing you took from that experience? My most recent trial was last fall when I came to terms with the fact that I needed outside help to wade through the junk of my childhood and adulthood addictions that happened before I was saved. I learned that while, in the blink of an eye, God can wipe away anger, jealousy, fear, addiction, rage, etc. most of the time He won’t because it would be like giving your kid everything they wanted when they wanted it. They’d be spoiled and never appreciate working for anything. We teach them through delaying their gratification. We teach theme by negative experiences. And God lovingly teaches us to overcome these things so when we are faced with them again, we can rise above them! Whoo-hoo! It’s a triumphant feeling when we do!

5. If you could go back and live in any time period what would it be? 1870’s-1900’s right in the brink of the century changing. Changing times. So many new discoveries being revealed at this time.

6. What is your favorite board game?Scrabble…except when my opponents cheat by digging up imaginary words!

7. If you could cure one addiction to where no one could relapse, which one would it be? Opioid addiction…it’s devastating to see what lengths people will go to feed that monster.

8. What do you cherish most about your relationship with Jesus? Well hmmm…His love? His mercy that’s new everyday? His promise of everlasting life? All of the above!

9. If your life were to be made into a movie, what genre would it be?Documentary titled: Generational Curses Can Be Broken

10. What made you choose the title for your blog? He gave me a new life! Completely new. And I’m ready to share it to help others.

11. If you were to create your own blog award, what would the name of the award be and what would be it’s description?  The Pay It Forward Award. Where one person highlights another’s blog. Write a synopsis about the blog and why others should follow that blog. Whoever has been highlighted must then pay it forward by highlighting another’s blog.

Here’s what I want to do with this award this time. I’m going to break the rules. For my nominees, I’d like you to answer one question. What is your testimony? I want you, if you choose, to write where you were in your life when God pulled you out and into His marvelous light. Make it as long or short as you want. Write a poem or even a short story, whatever tickles your fancy that we the readers can have an idea how your life changed when you met God.

My Nominees are

Linda at Amazing God Stories

Bruce at Reasoned Cases for Christ

Kathy Wire

Simply Wendi

Julie Dibbles 


Sue Love


My Rickety Cart

“What? Really, you’re going to help me pull all of this stuff? Even though it’s all mine…you’re willing to help pull it all this way?” She was far beyond exasperated already, so the idea of finally getting help was just too exciting to not jump and down with the happiness in her heart.

“Oh wait, now that I have help I can go grab those other things and put them in my cart now too. They were too heavy to carry so I left them sitting, rotting back there on the trail. Hang on I’ll be right back!” She ran off, came back in seconds with armloads of “stuff.” She walked up to the clankety, rickety cart she’d known all of her life and put in the “stuff.” She wiped off the dust on her pant legs, pulled her hair back in a smooth ponytail, put on her leather gloves and walked toward the front of the cart.


There he stood, tall and erect with a yoke, like an ox would wear, around his neck. He said to her, “Are you ready?” She bent down enough to get up underneath her side, stepped in, stood up with her yoke around her neck. “Ok Jesus I’m ready to rock-n-roll, lets get to pulling this cart of mine together! Finally I can get somewhere, maybe even get down the road a bit and find a new home for some of this “stuff” I’ve been dragging around.

28“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matt 11:28-30KJV

I’ve always thought of this verse like Jesus and me pulling my cart of life together. So many times I look back and think how heavy and hard it was to do alone before the Lord. I think of what a miserable job I did of it; aimlessly chugging along.

He wants to pull our carts with us. He longs to help us. So many times we want to do things on our own because we think we know what’s best, so we keep Jesus on the side of the road watching us tugging and yanking our carts. Sometimes we might let him off the job because we dare not take Jesus down the path we’re going.

But when we’re willing to let Him help us, life is so much better! Hope this blesses you. What’s in your cart? What your cart look like? Where were you headed when you let him take up a side and help you?

My Post Picks Part 2


Day 2 of my favorites I’ve saved to share with you all. This is a fun way to bless others and honor them.

Bruce at Reasoned Cases for Christ bares a father’s heart in his post called “Sorrow” He shows us his humble feelings concerning his son and how he prays for him.

MyWay My home Life has a post “He is Just That Good Where she brags on God and how He kept blessing her and working things to His design in their daily lives. Need a pick me up? Need to be reminded God is control? Read this! Then go over and read Que Sera Sera At A Time To Share as she reminds us that knowing our future and what lies ahead isn’t a good thing and to place that worry on His Hands.

Next is SimplyWendi’s post “Friendships and Chronic Illness” Wendi shows us how hard it can be living with Chronic illness, but she does it in a way that we can relate and be educated on it.

Lynn Abbott shares with us “Pruning Isn’t Pleasant” Where she takes a look at Samson and his choices and she posted it the very same night Samson was preached at my church! What is it they say? Nothing is coincidence with God. Another one I liked that keeps me intrigued each time I read it is Masked Mortals Moved to Hope by Loved by the King of Kings. I feel like she leaves a lot for us to fill in with the people in our lives or even ourselves and the masks we wear…

And finally, Miss Hope wrote  A Year of Hope week 27. Folks, to me, this is the very essence of how we bloggers should look at our testimonies. She has slowly been revealing her testimony, but it is painful for her. She isn’t slowly revealing it to us for suspense reasons or to entice, but because she wants to share but only to help another. And THAT is what always should be our driving force behind sharing our regrets, hurts and past. Not for attention, not for glory…but for His glory. Have another blessed Day!



The little girl knocks in the door. “Come in, glad you could make it today,” is the reply she receives. She tells the intelligent looking woman how glad she is to be there, when inside a war is raging inside; an ancient war that has no end.

The intelligent woman stands up and exclaiams, “Look over there! On the floor behind that chair, pick it up and bring it over here so we can get a closer look at it.”

The little girl is afraid to pick it up and most certainly doesn’t want to look at it closer, but she complies.

The girl is proud of herself for facing her fears, but it wipes her out leaving her feeling tired and overworked.

Another knock, another day. The intelligent woman says again, “Look under the desk, get it and bring it to me.” The little girl knows this time that picking up another one and examining it will hurt. It will tire her. Maybe it  would be better off under there so she wouldn’t have to look at it ever again. But inevitably, the ever so agreeable little girl does what she’s told- all the while fear and dread set in.

Week by week, this goes on. The intelligent woman never asks her to pick anything up that doesn’t belong to the little girl.

After all of things picked up, they are placed on a table. The little girl is instructed take all of the items and somehow make them relate to one another. It seems almost impossible for the little girl to see how each thing could come from the other. She digs deep inside and brings the fear, the dread to the surface and looks carefully at each particular item. She works diligently through the frustration and the desire to give up.

Finally, the items take shape as the intelligent woman prods the little girl, showing her how to put the pieces together. The little girl reaches down and picks up the finished project. It’s a mirror, a beautiful mirror. The little girl picks it up, gazes into it and sees a confident, healed woman in the reflection.

She turns and hugs the intelligent woman thanking her for her counseling services and helping her to restore her life into something recognizable.



In A Nutshell

Lost cause. Outcast. Something that’s a someone inside, if they’d only look.

Shuffled and moved, not knowing where her head would land each night.

Will the loud music attract the cops again?

7, 8, 9 years old and she can hear God. He’s always right there but she can’t get a hold of Him.

Things lost. Precious baby dolls, favorite toys only exist in the memory now.

Not knowing but only one way;  she chooses the same vices. Monkey see monkey do.

This is no longer a game, as grief, loss and regret take hold.

An expert on addiction is what she becomes as she numbs the pain away.

Seeing day by day that the choice is inside. Hope is growing but is an enemy of hers.

The power to choose lies right in the heart and mind, but the doubt stays in the front seat driving away control.

Until she falls off the ladder, lets go of the bottom rung and lands on the rocky bottom.

There’s a light. A driving, penetrating Light that fills the pit to the very bottom.

God is still there after all these years. She holds her hand up over her head as the unchanging Hand scoops her up and lifts her out.





Money and stress. Are they best friends? Can you have one without the other.

Money and freedom. Which came first? Do they really need one another so?

Money and fame. Are they fair-weather friends, competing for more from the other?

Money and happiness. Does the second one only smile when the first is present?

The root of all evil.

The buck.

Wages, smackeroos, Benjamins, dough, bills, the coin,

Do we really need as much as we have?

Why is there never enough?

It’s enticing. The answer to everything.

Does it really answer anything or does it blindside you creating more problems?

Daily Prompt- Blindside

Ecclesiastes 5:10 Whoever loves money never has enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income. This too is meaningless.

The Backslider’s Reasons


Feelings hurt, can’t let go, won’t forgive

“Because I said so, that’s why we go to church” was the only answer given in childhood years.

Enticement from so-called friends that have your back.

The new job that took mind and body, 56 hours a week, too busy, committed.

Blaming the Creator of Life for death

Chasing that beautiful monster, the root of all evil, the almighty dollar.

Worshipping the earthly family, forgetting to make the Master the Father.

I’ve never truly backslid, walked away from the Lord. I’ve watched several that have. I don’t think to be an expert on the subject, but it does make me wonder when looking into other’s lives, watching the hammer fall after they’ve made the decision to walk away.

The other day I saw a woman that walked away from God a couple years ago. I believe she got mad at God for allowing the crib death of her grandchild. Because once that happened she was out the door. Sure she struggled on and off for the years before, but what I saw the other day was devastation, hurt and anger on the shell of a woman she once was.

I kept thinking of what I would or could say to her to convince her to turn again from the world and come back to God. I, no doubt, would be labeled as nosey, bossy, pushy or just down-right a hypocrite by her if I even tried. See, by now she not only blames God, but blames those in the church as well…or so I think.

I’ve also watched those in the presence of God, not react. Not twitch a muscle or bat an eyelash. Not a sniffle. How does that work? My mind wonders and asks, “Are they exhausted when they get home from the exertion of fighting off the Father’s Spirit?” Or maybe they have a cabinet in their minds where they simply put the God, and anything to do with God, file in? File it away under G. Or do they just not feel anything and they are essentially out the door before they ever really came in?

How do we, the encouragers, the rooted in Christ help these? How do we reach into their lives and pull them out of the fire? When their opinions are formed, embedded in their hearts. The only answers I can come up with are…

1. Pray for them. Pray God opens the eyes of their hearts. Pray God does whatever it takes to reach them. And if He needs to use us, that He would show us how.

2. Be the example. By living our daily walk with the Lord in front of them, we are being a witness without saying a word.

3. Be sensitive, on guard around them. Watching what we say, how we say it. They don’t want to be preached at, they need love.

Do you know any other ways we can reach the backslider? Have you had a positive experience helping a backslider come back to God?