Amy’s Summer Is Here World

Hi all. I have not been writing on here but I have been reading your posts. They keep me going, having a place to read encouraging words and scriptures.

I finished my memoir. The writing process of getting my thoughts down is done. I started it in July of 2021. When I started it, the words just flew off my fingers onto the keyboard, but over the months, there were some hard times to face. Even though, I had shared most of them on my blog, writing them again, in more detail, wore me down at times. I worry I didn’t put enough God in it. Then again, I remind myself that the story of my life, the process of which He saved me is, about God. I tried to remember that as my hopeful audience would be the young girl who just had an abortion and cannot shake the shameful thoughts that plague her. Or the young woman who always loved God but cannot seem to find Him because she’s so addicted she cannot make it to church on Sunday morning. We shall see…

As I wrote it, I told myself I would figure out the rest later. Well, later is around the corner after I get it all cleaned up. Does anyone know what my next step is from there? The thought of sending it “out there” without any protection scares me. I am aware that the end result would most likely be self publishing, as that seems to be the way of things these days, but I’d still like to try to get a publisher to pick it up….how? Who? Anyone have any answers?

We finished school for the year. That’s a great feeling. I had to do school for my recliner the last couple months because my back has been giving much trouble. I worry about it. I try to find ways to not bring on the pain. I found sitting on hard chairs and pews brings on the pain. A pain that slows me to barely a walk. I know I should get it checked but I don’t want to do that to our finances being that we have one income. One income works for us if we are smart with our money. So I just hope and pray that whatever it has been, will go away. Maybe a pinched nerve will come un-trapped. Maybe.

When you are in pain that slows your mobility, it is all you can think about. It makes you irritable because the things you need done you cannot do because of the pain. Think of those addicted or just hurt from a bad childhood experience. The pain slows their mobility in life. They cannot have the experiences that free people have. Sad.

So summer begins. I am glad for it. My girls are growing so fast, like someone fed them superpowers when I wasn’t looking. I’m so proud of them. They are good, kind girls who love God.

Summer also means freezing in the stores. They figured out a solution so both could be warm
New batch of kittens running around the yard. This one has had about 5 name changes!
The orange one is Mac for mac and cheese. This grey one is Leah but may be a boy and will become Liam.
Study of Possibilities throw…google that for the pattern. How much do you think I should charge for something like this?
Here’s same in other colors. This is following the recommended color change pattern
Study of the Journey throw. Google that for free pattern. I love this one. How much would you pay for something like this? Honestly.

Lexi, my oldest daughter with autism is doing great. She is going to a cleaning job once a week. Seeing a behavioral therapist once a week and two days at days services twice a week. I think the mix has helped her with variety to her days. The changes made that I shared with all about couple months back seem to be helping her.

Thanks for reading. Comment back on publishing and/or prices for Afghan. Your advice is much appreciated!


20 Replies to “Amy’s Summer Is Here World”

  1. Self-publishing is always an option. No need to pay anyone; you can do it for free on Amazon. I just used DuckDuckGo (thought it’s becoming more like Google) to look up Publishers and predators and numerous articles popped up on avoiding predatory publishers. When I decided to take my writing more seriously I joined a local chapter of a national organization for a while. Many writers are supportive and happy to help someone new to the adventure, including finding a publisher. Some publishers won’t consider manuscripts from an author without an agent, though that’s mostly only the big publishing houses now. I went with a small publishing house first, but unfortunately they closed their doors after a few years. Blessedly, they were honest and returned my books to me. I’ve submitted with another publisher and am waiting to hear back. I’ve also self-published through Amazon. I wanted to see if I could do it. I haven’t tried their paperback service yet; they took over CreateSpace. If you do it yourself, you’ll want to hire an editor to read through your work. You mind find it easier to hire someone to format your manuscript and create a book cover. Wishing you the best.

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  2. Your girls are beautiful!
    So, afghan pricing idea: Mc Donald’s is currently hiring for $15/hr. I think your crocheting is worth more than that. Figure how many hours you crochet, and multiply by your hourly wage..
    Happy summer!

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    1. Thanks so much Linda. I see they sell for as much as a hundred dollars in Etsy and I’m torn. I think I’m going to try doing an etsy shop and put one on there and see how it goes…

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          1. I agree with Linda. I did a quick Google search for the price of an afghan blanket and they are at least $100, but can go for even more. I suggest you do some research. They are beautiful pieces and they are works of art.

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  3. I’m in agreement with the 100 price tag for the afghans. Those are cool! Congrats on finishing your memoirs. I’ll check with a couple of friends of mine and see how they published their books. I’ll email ya!

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  4. Congrats on finishing your memoir Amy, that’s exciting!!! Prayers for God’s direction from here.
    Your afghans are beautiful! An Etsy shop sounds fun.
    Adorable kitties! And love your girls. 💗

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