The Best of Me


I think I’ll share some of my poetry previously posted over the next week or two. This one is from 2019…. I remember the day I wrote this one…

Walking into trashy night club, ladies get in free…got the best of me.

Rolled up joints, cocaine lined up neat, pills popping like corn…got the best of me.

Creeping in the night, doing what’s not right…got the best me.

And what was left after that was the worst of me. Anger, spite, bitterness, and true hate for myself.


You came and gave me life…now You’re the best of me.

Shinning through my smile that comes from my heart…they see You, the best of me!

Without You my Savior, there is no me!


10 Replies to “The Best of Me”

    1. Blessings right back at ya! There are times I think, if they only knew the person I was before God they would see the actual miracle….but then I think to myself, any of us living in this evil, corrupt world loving and living for God, we are all miracles!

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  1. What beautiful words Amy. This reminded me of something I heard before. The lord loves us just as we are but his love is so deep that he does not leave us just as we were. Praise God that in Him you shine bright.

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