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Hi Blog family! I’m sorry I haven’t been consistently posting, but I have been consistently reading your posts. Those of you who write daily devotionals…. My hat is off to you! I read in wonder of how you can come up with something daily. But then I remind myself the authors don’t have kids tugging at their brains! Lol.

Being a mom can be mental hard work some days. I will hear my girls bickering, and I just want to pound a gavel to stop the courtroom jibbering and yammering. Other days being a mom is physically draining as I’m bending over and picking up this and that. Folding clothes and frying pans of chicken. They say I’m going to miss these days, y’all. I will, I know I will.

Homeschooling is going good. Anyone have a trick to help a kid hear the short ‘e’ and the short ‘i’? Leah has a hard time differentiating between the two when she is spelling.

Things I’ve learned recently….

1. If you run a funeral dinner, ask those younger than you to help so you’re not the young one doing the lifting and such. My back hurt for two weeks!

2. Not everyone needs to be prayed with at the alter. Some just need time alone with God.

I learned a hi-five goes a long way for a kid that’s not your kid. Most of them welcome interaction with other adults.

3. I learned not to volunteer to help someone if you don’t know how to help. Because you then become more work for them.

I learned if your neighbor’s cows get out of the fence, chasing them with snow shovels does not work! Just get a bucket of grain and they will follow you anywhere! True story.

Bible quizzing still going. She is a senior quizzer. You should try answering some of those questions!
My husband smoked all 5 pork shoulders Friday for a quiz meet we held at our church. The yard smelled like it was summer!
Twin day…lol. They bicker but love each other so much
A heart for you, Renee! On twin day of all days!

22 Replies to “Amy’s World”

  1. Thanks for the update, Amy! I can understand how blogging can be difficult with children. Our two “boys” are 47 and 43, so I have lots of time to sit on the couch and blog away.

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  2. Girl I remember those days. Most of those days I wondered if I even had a brain left! I survived, somehow. Praying for my sweet friend! Wow! This is the best heart ever. I really needed this reminder that Jesus loves me even on a bad day. Hugs and kisses to you and the girls. Tell them thank you from Aunt Renee. 🥰💯❣️💜

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  3. Hi Amy, I am new to your blog. I enjoyed reading this and beautiful pics if your girls. Those pork shoulders looked good. And the runaway cows made me laugh.
    Good on you for being able to blog while homeschooling your girls.

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      1. Oh wow 🤩 I wouldn’t have guessed!!

        My daughters have been easier the older they’ve gotten!😅
        Now my son on the other hand is my youngest and he’s 12 and he’s been a bit mouthier the older he gets!😬🙏

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  4. Your life looks so full right now! And what wisdom is coming from your one-sentence lessons! Don’t worry about not writing as much as you think you “should.” At 69, I’m often writing about things that happened to me years ago when I was too busy to write. If God wants you to write it, He will help you remember. 😉

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    1. You are in God’s will writing these words to me. Not about any of the writing I recently talked about, but that God has asked me to write a guide for mothers of daughters, but I woke with the intention of quitting. Been hearing a lot of negativity coming my way about how could I give advice to others along with other negative thoughts! Thank you very much. I will get through another day because of you.

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