Amy’s Snowbound World

We are to get a good amount of snow here in Indiana Wed through Thursday. We shall see! My family and I enjoy snowstorms. I hear people complain while secretly inside I’m looking forward to it! I will post pics if we get the foot they’re talking about.

School is going good. I enjoy teaching my girls. My 9yr old needed an over-haul in math. The cool thing about homeschooling is that if they’re struggling somewhere we can slow down or even stop and go back. That luxury is not doable in the public schools. Keep up with the masses or go ahead not knowing. No fun if you can’t keep up. So we are going back and learning what didn’t get absorbed the last time around.

Things for my oldest are about to change drastically. Most of you know I have a 27 yr old adult autistic daughter. She deals with anxiety and OCD as well. But all in all she’s very high functioning. She is not able to drive, or go into a store by herself. She has a hard time being given more that 2 directions at a time. She has a hard time knowing when someone is kidding or using sarcasm. Compared to others with developmental disabilities, she is in a good place.

She’s been going to day services for five or six years now. She has outgrown the place. I have also become frustrated with the way the place is being ran. The government pays the facility 17,000 a year on her behalf to go to day services. Transportation billed.out of that money as well. It was a good set up for a while…until

The day the fire alarm went off, everyone evacuated but her because she was somewhere secluded

The day she said she sat for hours with nothing to do and many, many days like that to follow

The day her van driver got lost because he forgot what he was doing and where he was at. Another passenger had to tell him his route. He was back driving in 4 days with no explanation to us.

There are a few other things that I won’t mention. So she will be going there 2 days a week to adjust. She will be getting a new therapist who will work with her on how to go in a store by herself. How to better.plan her day. How to cope with anxiety. She is on a waiting list for music therapy. Where a therapist comes in and shows her how to play her instrument. They can teach her how to use music to soothe anxiety. I’m so very excited for these changes! There’s even a chance at a job for her.

My oldest on the right. My youngest sticking her tongue out
Our first quiz meet. My youngest’s first year
This one is in Senior quizzing. Some competitive stuff.
Another cat showed up. That makes 5 cats hanging around! We’re taking cat food donations. Lol its a female and huge!

21 Replies to “Amy’s Snowbound World”

  1. Enjoy being snowed in! 😊 I enjoy it as well, as long as I have plenty food, coffee, and I’m in the nice, warm home looking out at the pretty snow. I wonder if the large female cat is pregnant…🤔

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  2. We love being snow bound, too, Amy-as long as we have heat, electricity and internet 😉!! I have one job for an elderly couple that I really really would like to do today then let the beautiful flakes fall!
    Our daughter and her family made it a much needed Florida vacation (she’s the ER nurse and he is an X-ray tech -there world has been pretty intense the past 2 years!) –
    Love ya dearly, Amy!! 🙏🏻❤️

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  3. On a serious side I’m so sorry about what you and your daughter are going through 😢💔!
    The boys are 19 and can be in public school until 22 (I’m still mulling that over) -I’m not sure what’s next for them except me finding them things to do that I can supervise myself…I don’t trust many people with them…
    ((((( ❤️ 🙏🏻 )))))

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    1. Day services are a babysitting job for the employees staffed there. I couldn’t think beyond sending her daily because it was so good foe her socially. But now there is one “friend” who over steps his boundaries daily and it’s exhausting. I feel I’m doing the right thing. The job will hopefully pan out and give her opportunity to work with others and socialize. Prayers appreciated. You are blessed to have the school for now!

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  4. It warms my cockles to hear that you love homeschooling so much. God bless you!
    As far as Lexi: God bless your work in keeping close tabs on her, for knowing her strengths and weaknesses, for caring and staying involved. It’s work, but it’s work that God gives us, so He will provide. Yes, prayers.

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        1. Lol…Godzilla! True no fun outside. I will post pics so you can hate from afar! Appreciate you, my brother.
          Hey our church is starting celebrate recovery this week. Prayers appreciated for those involved in this new adventure.

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