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With each step I take there’s a distinct sound.

Metal upon metal stomping the ground.

My getup, to some, may look a fright.

The reason for it, is what’s creeping after me in the night.

I wear a helmet to protect my mind….

reminding me my salvation is one of a kind.

To keep my heart in always doing right,

a plate is placed it around nice and tight.

I’m able to stand prepared, flexible, and erect.

In my belt, truth is all you’ll detect.

Hard ground and rough terrain

has taught me that in peace my feet must remain.

Deflecting darts, I carry my shield…

reminding myself my faith is sealed.

Each piece of my armor are only for defense.

To protect, guard and behave like a fence…

But my two-edged sword is something to be feared,

for with it I can take down any harmful thing that comes near.

An original work by Amy Blount 2018

The Roman sword

The sword used by Roman soldiers was known as a gladius; and in the hands of a skilled man, it was a fearsome weapon. In fact, it became known as “the sword that conquered the world.” It was sharpened on both sides, making it lethal against an unarmored foe. The point was also sharpened, enabling it to pierce armor.

An infantryman in the Roman legions would also go into battle with a dagger, a few spears and possibly a few darts. But the gladius was the only offensive weapon listed by Paul, and it was the main weapon in the soldier’s arsenal.

Found at Lifehopeandtruth.com


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  1. 🙌 YAY…A BROBDINGNAGIAN NEW YEAR TO YOU!! We pray you have a monumental, inconceivable and definitely memorable 2022…Love Steve & Sarah! ❤️💪🏼🍾🥂🎉😀☀️

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