Top 5 posts of 2021 for A New Life

I snagged this idea from here CG Thelen. My fifth most viewed post was Amy’s I’m Back World. Posted Aug 2021.

Amy’s I’m Back World

A full month fast from WordPress was hard y’all. I especially missed reading your stuff and hearing your daily thoughts on the things of God and whatever else has been on your minds. A fast though, is what was needed to pull away from time stealers and better prepare myself for the start of school and activities the kids and I are in. We started school last week. We are doing a 4 day week and I am hopeful it will be a good school year. Abigail and I are taking Spanish, we’re just waiting on one more book to arrive. I took it in school, so I’m hoping to remember things as I go. We shall see! Lol

I mentioned in my last post briefly that I have decided to write my memoir. I thought if you write a full account of your life it’s your autobiography…but that’s for famous people! I also thought a memoir was an account of a single event in one’s life but I am not certain. Anyways I’ve decided to write a memoir starting from early memories and on. I believe I cannot truly describe my mistakes and actions without giving the background of where I came from that led me to those mistakes. And 9nce I’ve told my story I will be able to share of God’s endless mercy that He has shown me. I have already wrote about 16,000 words and have so much more to go.

For those of you who know my story, a question ❓❓ for ya. What do you think it would be like if I included my poems in the book? Like the poems that coincide with my past and inserting them during those times as I write? I’ve thought about it and think a few here and there would be okay. Maybe not one on every page, but then I think, who really reads and likes poetry? Do I run the risk of losing the audience’s attention? Feel free to comment.

Every one is feeling better here. Abigail has finished the meds for Lyme’s and is trying to grow up too fast! My husband is over Covid and we are all doing well.

A throw I made for my Aunt. Think of a sunflower 🌻
Did another for a very close kind friend, hey Mandy! This is with velvet yarn
I made this one for me! Called a mandala throw. I used striped yarn. I made this during our quarantine…
9 years old. Time flies
The new birthday bike that got lost on a FedEx truck, went back to the shipper and the shipper would not resend it. We had to reorder from a different source and FedEx got it here but late. She was a very good sport about it. It’s called Little Mismatched Bike
Shores of Lake Michigan
I photo-bombed this pic, my friend was trying to take of a storm rolling in.

11 Replies to “Top 5 posts of 2021 for A New Life”

  1. Lovely pictures. Your throws are beautiful. That photo bomb is fun, lol.

    I am looking forward to reading your memoir. I think a poem at the beginning of some of the chapters, or maybe at the end of the chapters, would be nice. I would like to volunteer to be a beta reader, before you publish. I’m pretty good at catching errors. ❤

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  2. You should most definitely add the poems. I think it gives one hope if they have also been though things that it won’t always be “this way” and that we can rise above our circumstances as you have!
    Love the pics!

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