The End- Part 2

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In continuing with the story of my dream, I’m compelled to remind you of how events in dreams happen. When retelling a dream you had, do you find yourself saying, “And then I was here or there, just like that!”

Dreams rarely make sense to me and I have a hard time mentally filling in the gaps. My logical mind wants to make sense of what it just experienced. This particular dream made the most sense for me out of all my dreams. The other strikingly different thing about it was how it went on most of the night. I awoke halfway through it, went to the restroom, forcing myself out of it. Then I laid back down, the dream continued right where it left off.

And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.
And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. Rev 13: 6,7

Finding food isn’t the only problem, as now there were campaigns all over the world to get us to fight. As I now walk down the streets, I see daily the billboards being put up with slogans such as, DO YOUR PART, Join His Army Today or another one recently being plastered everywhere says, Unlimited Food given if you sign up for his army today! 

No one is sure who he is, but he seems to hold much power in his hands. He seems to be charitable and ready for battle. I have times where I’m not sure how I feel about him. My mind goes back and forth from, Is he God? Is God here on Earth to get us out of this? Or is he the beast? The beast I’ve read about in my Bible since I was a child. I always go back to ‘he’ being the beast and that I and my children are living in the end times!

As I make my way through the city, I must take a one mile detour around the flood waters. I look around the edges of the brown waters for any floating debris. I see things that I want to pick up, but I can’t for the flood waters are the sewers and drains that have backed up onto the streets. It is a daily sight that we’ve all gotten used to. There are some desperate enough to wade through them plucking and plundering, raising up high a silver fork, or long forgotten gold necklace. They seemingly forget where the newest pandemic began. Those very waters.

God said He would never flood the Earth again, I tell myself as I’m marching along the detour. Yards of what was once beautiful manicured lawns are hidden below waves of putrid smelling water. But then again, when was the last time you saw a rainbow? There are always these back and forth lines going through my mind in these last days. Each day the battle for mental clarity, the constant reminding myself of what God’s word says, rages on. When I was younger, before these days, I was able to read the Bible for entertainment, while seeking a nugget to help give me strength in a minor life problem. These days? I have to read it morning, noon, and night. I devour it as I comb through its pages. I read aloud to the girls as they look at me frightened, but with the glimmer of hope that this will all go away someday. I know better as the pull of sinister thoughts rip away at my mind daily, reminding me how evil is prevailing on this planet.

The brick building is up ahead of me on the right. Parked adjacent is a large tour bus that’s shiny and new. It’s an odd sight for sure as everything in my world has a dull, rundown look to it. She had told me to meet her here. My lifelong friend had begged me to come. She had always been there for me, kept me from harm. Trust was a word not used between us because it was always simply implied.

I walk into what was once an old high school and follow the lines of people to the gym. There are folding chairs set up in neat and tidy rows. I find her, she has saved me a seat. I could barely sit down before she grabs my shirt and says, “I’m so glad you made it!”

“What is this? What is going on?” I reply. Before she can answer, chalkboards on rollers are being wheeled into the room along its edges. Everyone stops talking and turn to the one nearest to them.

Written down is the following                         Items you may only bring….toothbrush, medications, one change of clothes, one pair of shoes, any firearms that you may have been hiding. You will be going to fight in the Battle of….

I don’t even read the rest. I stand and look at my friend, “I cannot do this! You shouldn’t go either. Come with me, we can shorten our rations and give you some!”

“I am going. I want to fight in his army. How can you stand by and not fight? How can you believe the lies told to you that this man is not honest and caring? Look at what he is offering. We must fight the enemy.” Her face is set, her shoulders are set and she is ready to go. I hug her with everything I have in me. I cry. I beg her. I try to tell her she is following evil. We stand like this for what seems an eternity but most likely is a few minutes as the lines begin to form. That’s when I knew I had to get out of there quick. Even though it was still a choice to serve, I knew that getting trampled or tugged along in a bullying manner was very possible. I let her go, hugged her shoulders one more time, and turned and fled. To be continued…

 “The Guardian of International Peace and Security” is what they call it.

Check out on Gateway Pundit news site. This enormous statue was put up at the United Nations American Headquarters in New York. Now go to Revelation 13. Also see Daniel, as this beast is described in Daniel chapter 7. If you Google this beast or the name of it you will not find much published on it as Gateway reports.


8 Replies to “The End- Part 2”

  1. That is an incredible dream! After I had the vision God showed me in 2013, I spent the next 5 years researching the truth about the new world order and the people building a one world government. The United Nations is a big part of it and it is evil. God was definitely speaking to you through that dream. Praying many more come to Jesus before it’s too late. God bless!

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  2. I commented before, but I guess my comment didn’t come through…
    That was an intriguing dream, Amy. The flooding from the backed-up sewers is such a vivid picture of the sin that is rampant these days. The dilemma of knowing the truth vs the counterfeit has always been and is intensifying. The only way to recognize the Truth is to keep going back into the Word of God.

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  3. Wow.. that statue is at the United Nations!! It looks like a dragon…not very peaceful looking to me. Also I agree with you. I would say the “he” would refer to the beast, enemy and Satan. I’m so glad that the Bible gives us so much information to save us from being fooled. Jesus already warned us in this following Scripture: Matthew 24:26… “Therefore if they say to you, ‘Look, He is in the desert!’ do not go out; or ‘Look, He is in the inner rooms!’ do not believe it. 27 For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be……..
    So we know everyone will see Jesus when He returns. Also Amy, remember that the Bible also tells us we will have dreams, visions…etc. Just pray and ask Jesus for some clarity, as to what the Holy Spirit is trying to relay to you.

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