Strength For Another Day

Come in under my shelter before you catch your death

Hide under my wing and find your breath

Don’t you know I’ll always fight for you?

I’ve loved you through all stages as you grew

There’s nothing you can do to make me pull away

In my heart of hearts, you’ll always stay

Have you eaten? Sit, rest your head

Drink from my cup and partake of my bread

You must be so tired, so completely worn out

Living in this land where love is a drought

Dear child, reprieve I give you this day

But know that I must send you back out on your way

The job I’ve given you, is my desire

That you go and pull them all from the fire

So rest child, breathe deep and wide

Know that strength for another day, I’ll provide

This poem was inspired at first to make you wonder if the writings were about a mother or God. That God cares for us so much as a mother does. I know we look to Him as a father, but there are some qualities I see in God that only a mom can do best (beside God, of course)


10 Replies to “Strength For Another Day”

  1. Yes, God is our Father, but this is inclusive of any motherly traits. The good qualities in both the mother and father can be found in Him.
    Notice, we also are born again (those who are Christ’s.
    Born of God…in the natural, we are born of a woman…which is of course why we must be born again of the Spirit.

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