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As most of you know we’ve had an eventful week around here. God showed Himself to be the Comforter that His word promises. I am grateful for that.

Along with the challenges of the past week. I got a new phone. Not because I wanted a new one but because my service just stopped coming in at our house! Do you feel out of sorts when you get a new phone, like me? It’s like moving into a new house. It flusters me.

Speaking of phones, my husband left his on top of the hood of the truck he was working on. Yes, y’all he was out there welding and wrenching away with his injured hand. He will need surgery in the week to repair 2 torn tendons.

So he took the truck for a test drive with the phone on the hood. We spent almost 3 hours searching along the side of our road and the highway he turned on to.

My first thought was, Why did he do that? Why didn’t he pay closer attention? But I soon realized that I had absent-mindedly drove to the wrong store myself just hours before his mishap.

Do you feel like your brain is slipping lately? Do you feel like your plate is full and you don’t have the energy to keep up? Do you find yourself doing these type things? I think we are all feeling this way at times. I believe the world is spinning faster than it ever has. There are so many things seeking our attention, that leaves us not knowing which way to point our feet first. Bible says in the end times that knowledge will increase, but it didn’t say if it would be a good thing or a bad thing. In some ways, it’s nice to know what’s going on oceans away, in other ways it’s just too much for one brain to handle. Take a breath, slow down and regroup is what I keep telling myself.

We downloaded an app on my phone called Google locate my phone We were able to lock his phone and put a message the lock screen stating if anyone finds this please call the number we provided. Then we saw on the map right where his phone was. Google maps put it in and we drove right to it. Knowledge has increased and this time it was helpful. We shall see what is in store for the next time.

Hey Mark here’s what you can do with those books! Lol

17 Replies to “Amy’s World”

  1. Glad you found your husband’s phone, Amy.
    I have a theory about why older people have more problems remembering things than younger people: We have more memories stuffed into our brains than kids do. So while the teenager is laughing at me for forgetting the name of that person in church, I have 68 years’ worth of names and events in my overcrowded mind. Meanwhile, he’s got only 16 years’ worth, so it’s relatively easy for him to retrieve something.. (That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.)

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  2. Oh my! I thought I was the only one with a brain slipping! 😆 The world seems to be turning faster on its axis these days…sighs….I agree, we have to remind ourselves just to breathe.
    I will be praying for your hubby. Been thanking God with you he didn’t lose any fingers. (Just a phone. 😅 That’s bad enough though. 🙏🏼

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  3. Me, too! I’m still using a phone that is nowhere near smart; it only provides calls and texting. I dread the day it gives up. God bless your hubby. Amazing! I remember when if you drove off with something on the car you accepted it was gone forever. Wow.

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  4. I feel ya, Am’s (long “a” when you say that! 😉)
    I am looking for a special bbq seasoning my son picked up for me to bring to a friend of mine whose son requested it! It can only be bought at our Berkot stores in our parts… I can’t find that special place I put it on 😞LOL I have been doing that a lot lately and have chalked it up to age 😊 for me! I’ll find it after the grandchildren leave and I can think about something other than them for 1/2 hour or so 😂
    Glad you found your husband’s phone!!!

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  5. Yeah, my Amy, I have a few years on ya (more than a few), and I can tell you it doesn’t get any better. I’m going with Ann’s theory with the stuffed memories.
    It’s nice when technology is a help, instead of an interference or a hang up.
    Glad to read your posts! Love ’em.

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