God is Good

I wanted to share something good that God did for us yesterday.

After a long school day, filled with tears and frustration, (Yeah, those happen around here) I was in the phone doing a medical history for my upcoming procedure. I was in a hurry to get it done as they also needed me to run to get a Covid test so I’m cleared to have said procedure. My husband wasn’t home with the car yet and the place closed soon. Every now and then we go down to one car while he’s doing car “stuff.”

As I was answering the last of their questions, my husband walks in with his hand bandaged up above his head.

“What happened,” is all I can say, after I hung up.

“I almost cut my fingers off,” is his reply.

He goes on to tell me how he was at the surface grinder finishing up a project at work. He hit the off button which stops the table from moving and the wheel from spinning. The machine is quiet when running, with nothing being out through it. He had his earplugs in which makes it even quieter.

There were metal shavings on the table of it that he went to wipe away with his hand and when he did, the wheel just took his hand and sent it right under it. The table part had been stopped, but the wheel was not.

It happened so fast that he grabbed his hand and just stood there for a second processing what just happened.

Then he looked to see if his fingers were there. They were, but they were now bleeding profusely. He ran to get paper towels and ran to get help.

He was at the emergency room most of the day. I didn’t know he was there because he left his phone at work just trying to get there. One finger bled for 4 hours with pressure on it. There are 3 paths of finger flesh to the bone just missing he says. The paths are the width of that blade, but they are along the sides of his 3 fingers of his right hand. They could not stitch it up.

Why make a post about this?

Because he did NOT lose his fingers! He did NOT break a single bone in his hand! I find that amazing. The more and more the reality of what happened to him settled in my mind, I realized how God protected him and us. His ability to work is our lively hood. It’s how I’m able to stay home and teach our girls.

He will have to see an orthopedic surgeon in the next day or two. Because it was workmen’s comp related he had to return to work this morning. I helped him get dressed and I tied his shoes this morning and off he went with his 3 fingers all bandaged up and elevated as it helps alleviate the pain.

And I thought I was having a bad day…😒

See the good y’all, see the good. Find your silver lining in each trial and hard moment, because God is there, He never leaves.


31 Replies to “God is Good”

    1. Thank you so much. He was doing the math, had he lost them you get so many thousands per digit/knuckle. I don’t know if 60,000$ would make a person happy if they lost 3 fingers in their dominant hand. Maybe for a short spell, until the money is spent

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  1. Amen! Hallelujah!! That’s so awesome! Only The Lord our God could’ve given that protection !!! 🙌🙏🏻❤️🙌🙏🏻❤️🙌🙏🏻❤️

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    1. A similar thing happened with my son and miraculously escaped harm. Lime exposure to his eyes accidentally when he was 5 years old! This post reminded me of the incident. Indeed God protects!

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