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Hi all. Been working hard over here and I haven’t had much to share. Homeschool is going along wonderfully, once we got past week one. Have any of you read the Rush Revere Series? We read a few from the series last year, and now we’ve gone back to read the first book as we study the Pilgrims in history. They’re a staple for your children to read, especially in the day and age we live in as our America seems to get stripped away but by bit. My girls beg for me to read to them these stories.

Our Abigail will turn 12 this Thursday. We rented a pavilion at a local park that has a very small beach area and partied down!

I’ve been experiencing pain lately. Come to find out my gallbladder has several stones in it. I’ll also be having tests done to look into the IBS I’ve dealt with since I was a child. As these two things popped up this week, I’m struck with a profound thought.

All my life I would and still do get these pains in my gut that take my breath away. I would twist and turn, doubled over in pain waiting for it to go away. Once I knew what it was, which was just few years back, I became accustomed to the attacks. When I would feel that familiar pain, the go to treatments for IBS would start. Heating pad, peppermint tea and Advil. Stay close to home and wait it out.

Now with this gallbladder thing, I’m in the same boat. Waiting it out. Eating very little fat and small meals, keeping the big pains at bay. I’m starting to get used to doing this. I have over 10 days before I see the surgeon just to talk about the removal.

How many of our loved ones are just simply used to the pain? The pain of addiction. The pain of personality disorders. The pain of the past sins put on them from their parents.

Do you see someone and wonder to yourself, Haven’t they had enough of self-inflicted pain? Or do you wonder, How do they look in the mirror?

Now I see so clearly. They are used to the pain.

We all have the daily aches and pains that come with aging. It’s a gradual thing that comes upon us all. As it creeps upon us, we do a self-assessment and ask ourselves, Is this manageable? How bad is it? Can I just ignore it?

Same with our unsaved loved ones. The addict who says they will never use again after a night like that, and then there they are using again. They’ve become used to the pain, they know what to expect.

I don’t know if this encourages you, but it does me. I kept wondering how did I make it out but others I know, haven’t? They’ve become used to the pain, that’s why.

I’m so grateful that God saved me. And I can tell you, the pain caused by my childhood and the pain caused by the addiction, didn’t go away at once. But as each day I walked toward Him, the pain was no longer there to ignore.


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  1. I dealt with horrible gut pain that would knock me to my knees for years. I thought it was from Celiac, but I found out in April that I had a severely infected gallbladder that was packed with stones. I had emergency surgery to have it removed after ending up in the ER due to excruciating pain. I’m so glad it is out of me, and I no longer have those pain episodes anymore. Praying for you. If you would like to read about my surgery, check out my post titled “My Emergency Surgery & Restored Hope.” God bless.

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  2. I too have experienced gallbladder problems to horrendous points. The infection traveled my through my body. I did get my gallbladder out thankfully but the infection did massive damage. It was incredibly hard to diagnose. Only this last year after 10 years dealing with this and multiple other surgeries- including a hysterectomy that might have been unnecessary… did we finally removed the infected and damaged areas of my gut and stomach. I’m finally out of pain and back to a normal weight. I went through so many bad/ lazy/Egotistical doctors but finally being blessed with a surgeon that answered my prayers! I pray that you are healed as well before it goes that far! It’s a living nightmare.

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