Y’all what a crazy 24 hours. I had to share.

We arrived home safely yesterday from our trip to Missouri. We made real good time on the drive and had no issues with vehicles or stopped traffic. Except around St Louis and that wasn’t but a few minutes.

Pulling into town, we saw a storm forming right above our house. We pulled in to a down pour! But we were happy to get in our own doors. We turned the air on and started to unload the car. “We may just get all of our clothes unpacked tonight!” Was a thought I remember going through my mind. Until the fridge….

See we have this big fancy fridge that we bought couple years back. Thing is, the ice maker isn’t so fancy and it hasn’t produced ice is some time. So we thought, let’s take everything out of the fridge and unplug it while we’re gone. Then the ice maker and all of its components could officially thaw. I washed out the fridge but I shut the doors before we left. So we came home to mold in the fridge and freezer! Stop unpacking and get to pulling parts out and literally soaking them in the tub with bleach water. It’s 85° in the house.

We were making progress with the fridge when I went around the corner to my bedroom. You know when a kid shouldn’t be doing something they jump out of the spot they’re in? Well my Leah did just that. Then she cried out. “It’s bleeding Mommy” We stop what were doing and take her to the kitchen to get a better look. We have a wood boiler to heat our home now because before that it had baseboard heaters and the old one is still along the wall in our room. She sliced her heel open. It doesn’t need stitches but it needs bandages, and of course cleaned. So I ran out the door to Dollar general. Hard to keep a Christian attitude in our dollar generals around here. They are poorly stocked and poorly run.

Coming home we got the heel all bandaged up and the fridge back in order. All the while my husband says he doesn’t feel well. We took his temp and he had a 101 fever. He’s congested and believes it’s bronchitis.

Waking this morning, I find Leah with a cane to get around. And I find my husband pretty much down on the couch feeling pretty poorly. My Abigail’s rash has gone down but she still has no energy and seems like she lost her best friend all of the time. I’ve chalked that up to adolescent attitude and behavior. Then my phone rings…

It’s the doctor from Missouri who saw abigail when the rash was flared up. She says some of the tick borne panels have come back and she’s positive for Lyme’s. Crazy rash explained.

Once we got the details hashed out, I told everyone we need to sit down and simply pray. We prayed. It helped. And went about our day. Two girls down, one with fatigue and the other with limited mobility and a husband who just wants to curl up and sleep.

I flew out the door for groceries to fill back up the emptied fridge. My brain was going 500 miles an hour. I’m trying to process the Lyme’s disease. When did she get bit? How did I miss it? Will she be ok? Did Leah get a tetanus shot recent enough? Does my husband have Covid? I drove to the wrong store. Then turned around and drove to the right one.

I get to the pharmacy for the antibiotics for abigail, I look at the pharmacist and say, “one more thing and I may burst.” She says to me, “One more thing and I may just cry” she says this with tears in her eyes. I tell her hang in there. And off I go. Shopping I think to myself I should have been there for her. Said something about God to her. Witnessed. Did something! Oh well, too late now. Besides what shape am I in at this point anyway?

As go to unload my groceries, the young man ringing me up has this….

He thinks I’m odd when I ask to take a pic of his arm lol. But it’s God telling me this. I just know it.

How many times do we sit and go on and on about how we have it bad? How many ways do we assess a situation, to find out no matter what we do, the outcome will be ultimately in God’s hands anyhow? How many times do we see hardships and think we shouldn’t have to endure them because we pray and seek God? How many times do we see a full on attack from the enemy and not do anything about it?


8 Replies to “Welcome”

    1. Thanks for reading Judy. Hard to believe a kid under 21(I know he wasn’t over 20 because his name badge was red. The blue name badges are 21 and over in order to ring up alcohol) had such wise words in his arm. A tattoo that may never be a regret… lol


  1. You sure brought some memories back Amy, we had five children as you may recall. Sometimes it just literally pours and it’s all you can do to keep your head above water. I’ve driven to the wrong store a few times myself and uttered the words, “Can anything else possibly go wrong?” The thing is, Jesus does understand, He walked in these bodies we live in and He knows our limitations. My wife and I are still here and so are our five children. God’s grace is bigger than our problems. I think you did the best you could and that is all that He asks. Blessings!

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  2. Wow Amy! When it rains it pours! Sorry everyone is feeling so blah! Hopefully it’s not Covid but if he goes to the doctor they will say it is. Bronchitis has the same DNA as the flu, which is the same DNA found in covid, as it’s all just a mutated strain of the other.

    What an interesting tattoo that young man had😮

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