Silver Dollar City

Well went on discount day. Thursday’s down here in Missouri, you can get tickets for 50$ at participating stores. Regular price is 74$. So we thought we were in like Flynn…well everyone else gets those tickets too! They only are available for Thursday. The park was packed. Three times we got in line for a ride only to be turned away after waiting bc the ride was down.

We went to guest relations once the frustration was kicking in. They gave us free tickets which we used today. Got our money’s worth today. The heat down here in the south is something else! Hey Stu, I met a nice young man (16 years old) from Shreveport, Louisiana. Good kid.

Along our vacationing, we’ve been baffled by a strange rash that my middle daughter has been dealing with. Since last week she’s been having odd looking circular patches throughout her body. We emailed our Dr and he thought one thing. But over time of a few days, the rash changed its looks so we took her in here in Branson. No fever. No itching. Just rings that are not scaly or oozing or anything. They took bloodwork to rule out tick stuff. But the other idea is a drug eruption rash. A delayed reaction from antibiotics she had to take for a bout of cellulitis a month ago. It’s finally starting to fade. But we sure would like an explanation. We go home tomorrow and she will see her Dr Monday.

Ever seen anything like this? Comment if you have


15 Replies to “Silver Dollar City”

  1. Praying for traveling angels to be with you all on your way home. Loved the pics! I hate y’all got turned away a few times on the rides though. I hope the rash has started to go away. 🙏🏼 Get lots of rest when you get home!

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  2. Yippeeee, vacation! Fun! Such a busy time, but so glad you’re out and having a blast.
    Glad the rash doesn’t bother her; glad you’ll see her doctor about it.
    And hoping y’all get some rest when you get home.

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