Nationals in Branson

Our time competing is over for the week. We lost our second game Tuesday morning. My daughter was in tears. But that’s okay. Why? Because, really if you think about it, she gets to experience winning and losing some.

I spoke with other coaches and parents about today’s society and what they’re doing to our children. If you sign up your child for baseball or soccer you pay a good amount of money to allow them to compete. Every child competes whether they know what a ball is or not. I believe in giving kids opportunity to compete, but it needs to be just that, competing. When you were young didn’t you have to try out for baseball or soccer to “make the team”?

I heard a mom tell me that she paid for the soccer uniform and for a trophy. Your child gets a trophy whether he earned it or not!

It was hard to see Abigail’s tears today. Equally hard to deal with some parents and what they thought I should have done differently. But at the end of the day??? My child and myself learned our life lessons. Abigail’s lesson was she doesn’t get handed trophies and ribbons. She earns them. She has also been learning to cheer on others even when she’s losing. My lesson? A soft answer turneth away wrath. I was able to keep my mouth shut in a stressful situation. And I was able to do that over the past few months.

We went to see JESUS at the Sights and Sounds Theatre tonight! Wow! What an awesome experience. Phenomenal.

Pretty smiles
Not so pretty smiles
We visited the Dewy Short Dam on Table Rock Lake
Go carts
This is the inside Lobby of the Chateau…look way up on the top balcony. The kids loved riding the elevators to the top floor

9 Replies to “Nationals in Branson”

  1. I see them – ‘way up top!!
    What an awesome experience; and the other stuff you got to do, too! I love how God blesses.
    “She has also been learning to cheer on others even when she’s losing” – That’s a really important and big life lesson. Good for you and for her (and all the others y’all are blessing).
    ~ sigh ~ That tongue. God bless you on that journey, and an ‘atta girl for you.

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  2. Your kiddos have learned a lot from all this. More than anything, they are hiding the Word of God in their hearts! And you have learned the value of standing still and letting Jesus fight your battles. Beautiful pics! 💜

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