A New Life

Thanks Stu for the writing prompt!

Where you came from is not who you are

Blood is thicker than water until it leaves a scar

Roots? Who really needs them anyway?

When there is a Savior to hold you along the way

Like a mighty oak, tall and strong

He takes away the past and all the wrongs

When you turn to Him, He is your Day one

And A brand New Life has begun

No longer do you need roots to hold you in

For He grounds you from within

Oh Mighty Oak please have Your way

Hold each one of us up…come what may

I sure do love getting a prompt to write. And this picture is pretty cool. Does make you wonder if it’s real…

How many of us can say they really didn’t plant any substantial roots until the day God saved us? I know I can. My family tree has many things I’d rather not dig up from the past as so many people love to do that sort of thing. I find my husband looking on ancestry.com often wanting to see pics of the past. To see how so and so looked years ago. For me, I’d rather just not.

I feel like that tree growing out of the mighty tree. The blunt, cut off end at the bottom is where my life truly began at the age of 35. All the years before that I was tossed back and forth in the storms of sin and regret.

Now He holds me up. His roots are my roots. Do you feel the same? I titled the poem A New Life which is also the title of my blog…. because it truly is a new life and I won’t go back!


14 Replies to “A New Life”

  1. My Amy, I LOVE this! Well done. I’m with Stu: ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
    What a beautiful picture of being grafted into God’s vine. Your words fit the photo perfectly, and provided the complete image of God giving us new life.
    Praise God!

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