Who is to Blame?

Where do all the hardened hearts go

When they turn their backs and run from You so

And all the while they’re a’runnin’

Pointing fingers, blaming you, they’re a’gunnin’

To blame you for things that aren’t true

To see You get the blame where it isn’t due

They think You delight in death

That it’s you that squeezes out the living breath

They blame you for the fires, the winds and the rains

That wipe out all til nothing remains

Your credit isn’t being given its due

For none of it would exist without You!

The creator who speaks life into all things

Your name is power and peace it brings

Silly how they blame you when it’s bad, but say you don’t exist

Now isn’t that a glass of crazy with a twist?

There’s only one to point our bony fingers at

The one who wanted to sit where You sat

The old Lucifer; liar and thief

The one who really brings all the grief

Lord, until my last dying day and I will stand and shout

It is You who brings life, love, and peace about

This poem was inspired from a post by my fellow blogger Mark Rackley https://wp.me/p8TG4S-1P1
Just how ludicrous and silly is it to think there are those out there who do not believe in God, then blame God when they experience tragedy!…But look at the comments and see Mark’s response of how this was good for C.S. Lewis.


16 Replies to “Who is to Blame?”

  1. We all want to be mad at and blame someone. We get angry due to our lack of control. then it’s everyone else’s fault, or God’s fault.
    God never has a fault; but we do, so we can’t understand that He doesn’t have a fault. Vicious circle.
    I thank and praise God that He is.

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        1. I took a break a while back too. Unfollowed most every one and sat back. Writing, though is healing. Having a baby during the pandemic must’ve been hard on you. But a blessing too! I lost 2 mentors this past year as well as my mother’s passing…writing helped me alot during those times. My mother’s passing is listed in my blog under Florida, Florida day 2 and Florida the end. God spoke in a different way to me. Sure wish I’d get a call like your though! How absolutely cool

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          1. Omg, I had no idea about your mother! My deepest condolences 💔. He sees you.
            Us in our brokenness. One thing I didn’t share in that post is that later that night, I called my mom. She happened to be at that sister’s house again. I passed pleasantries with her. Then she said, “I hope to meet you one day. Even though I already saw you.” And Im wondering what picture my mom might have shown her. Im like, “oh yeah?”
            Then she said, “when you were cooking, I saw you.”
            My mouth fell open because I hadn’t told them I was cooking. I said, what?
            She said, “I got this sudden pain in my chest, and I closed my eyes. And I saw you crying while you were cooking. I knew then it was your pain I was feeling. I didn’t know who you were, but God put your name in my heart.”
            Im nobody and so humbled by the whole experience. But all I could say is that He sees us. And we know that, yet sometimes He seems far away. Big God and a world of zillions. But we aren’t just an extra body. He knows us by name, and He feels our pain. I’ll keep you in my prayers that you may feel him. He is our Comforter, and something tells me you believe in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. May your cup runneth over with his peace and presence. ❤️

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