Making Sense of it All

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Why don’t they see Who You are?

Eyes closed, they run so far!

Can’t they hear the sands of time?

Ears stopped, convinced they’re just fine

Can’t they smell that Your mercy is new each day?

Their noses held high, arms crossed, with nothing to say

Oh Lord how can they not feel You all around?

Cold and hidden, thinking they cannot be found

Why don’t their mouths water for Your daily bread?

As they refuse to taste and see Your words in red

Anxiety, violence, fear and depression

They ignore it as they go about their newest obsession

My God smell the sweet savor of our praises

Hear loud and clear each one as it raises

Help them to see their sins, their offenses

And I pray for each of them to come to their senses


12 Replies to “Making Sense of it All”

  1. The god of this world blinds people so. It’s so heartbreaking to see our loved ones blind-sighted and nonchalant to the times we are living in. It hurts my heart! 😢
    Your poem was so moving and so true, Amy! God has gifted you to be able to convey such deep words in poetic form. It was so powerful! All your poems are! 💜💥

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      1. That’s the way some poems are. It’s like you get a few words here and there. And then there are some that flow right away.

        It is well with my soul. Hope your family and yourself are fairing well. 💜🙏🏼

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