Amy’s Busy, Busy World

Hi all. Busy, busy as always. I’m doing well. Honestly, I am.

You know, it baffles me how people aren’t lining up at our church doors, banging to get in. To be saved. With all that is going on around us over the past year, how can they not? What more do people need? My mother in law and I were talking about this thought this week. What more proof do people need?

I spend alot of my extra thinking time in the what it’s of these days we live in. Not so much the terrifying things. More like, “If we are in the end times, how much does education matter anymore?” Or “If Jesus is coming soon do I need to concern myself with a new car?” “Will my girls become mothers?”

Maybe we’ve all entertained these type of thoughts in recent months. With my big imagination, sometime I annoy myself. Then I think to myself and imagine God up there shaking His head, chuckling at me. Wagging His big finger saying, “Amy, remember I come as a thief in the night. No man knows the hour or the day.” So I go back to living normal life until my imagination gets started again.

School is 3/4 of the way over. I have purchased their books for next year. I’m looking forward to tailoring their next year’s education more to their abilities and interests. I’ve been reading aloud to them the Rush Revere books. Written by the late Rush Limbaugh, set in modern day. There’s 5 books spanning over the times of the Mayflower to the Revolutionary War. Set in modern times, a history teacher named Rush Revere has a time travelling horse named liberty. The horse talks, makes jokes and has the ability to hold his breath and make himself invisible. The history teacher and a few students time travel to key events in the making of our country.

I’ve come to enjoy this reading time with the girls. I use my deep voice when a man is speaking, or a little kid voice when needed. The girls really seem to enjoy it and beg for another chapter once our daily alloted chapter has been read. I hope this gives them a deeper love for reading.

Bible quizzing is going strong. As of now there are 10 teams in our Indiana division. We are currently placing third and sometimes 2nd in the state! Keep us in prayer as we try for a spot to Nationals.

Such hard work pays off. These kids can quote scripture on a dime. She’s on a team of 5…
Easter 2021…in person church was nice compared to last year’s Drive-in church.
We travelled to Bloomington, Il to compete with other teams from other states. The kids had fun meeting new friends
I made this for our pastor’s wife’s birthday. Photographing crocheted items is hard! Where’s Vanessa when I need her?

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  1. I often have questions like that too…. when I was little I never thought I’d live to see 16, because I was like “The Lord will come back before then” and here I am almost 18…😂

    You did great on taking pictures of the blankets and stuff! They are also very pretty!

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  2. Yes, Amy, we talk about the rapture a lot. The times just seem ripe for it to happen. I actually believe that our generation will see it happen. Think, Jesus said that He will come back soon. Now, soon, could be 2 or 3 days. Well, a thousand years for us is like a day for the Lord. That would mean that Jesus hasn’t even been gone for 2 days yet. He went back to reunite with His Father in the year 33 (+/-) which isn’t 2000 years ago yet. Then consider that He was raised on the 3rd day. The number 3 seems to be an important number in the Scriptures. His 3rd day of having left will start sometime within the next 12 years. But then I don’t know, like you said, only the Father knows when He will send His Son to take us up. It’s a beautiful thought to be with the Lord forever! Blessings, Elfriede

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    1. It is! Yes the thousand years as one day.
      It’s a bittersweet thing for me. Because my human mind cannot grasp the vastness of eternity and all that it will have to offer…I wonder if I may have a little while longer here in Earth. Lol as if I get a say in the matter.
      But I just finally started to live, really live, I wanna experience a bit more if it. Then throw in all the loved ones that aren’t ready. I worry they will be the ones beating in the Ark’s doors…

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  3. Amy, I think it is pretty normal to wonder things like that. I always thought Jesus was coming at any moment (my father preached it) and I wish now I had just lived as if the rapture wasn’t going to happen for a long time. I was telling my oldest daughter who wonders about things and didn’t think she would get to be here long enough to get married or have babies (again, listening to preachers), that you grow up thinking Jesus is coming and one day, you wake up, you’re 40 years old and have two kids! Hahaha 😀

    There is this lady I have been watching who says God takes her up to Heaven all the time, she says she has seen the future and that the rapture is not taking place for over 100 years. Wow! She says, “Roll up you rapture rug! You won’t need it.” I’m not sure how to feel about that, I really thought this was the end, especially with what is going on. I guess we shall see.

    Pastors should keep on preaching it though. No man knows the day or the hour and we should keep praying for our loved ones. Oh, speaking of loved ones, she also explains the meaning of “standing in the gap” for our loved ones and says that if you pray for loved ones to be saved, Jesus comes to them when they are dying and He ask if they want Him now. She says they get to choose if they will accept Him because of a loved one praying for their salvation. That floored me! I really hope she is telling the truth. What a comfort.

    Congratulations to the girls!!!

    Your pastors wife will love that! You are so talented. ❤ What a pretty bonnet! Who is that for?

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  4. Oh, even so, Come Lord Jesus!!! As much as we want it to happen, only God knows; so we wait patiently and continue in obedience…
    One of my very most favorite things to do, whether in a classroom or homeschooling, was reading out loud. I used different voices, as you do. So fun! I’m working with a family of 8 kids now, homeschooled: I go once a week and teach signing. I begged to be able to read aloud to them, too, and Mom said yes. Yippee!
    BEAUTIFUL crocheting!!!!!

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    1. Thank you. My daughter has a knack for memorizing scripture. She is truly blessed to have it hidden in her heart. I believe it will be her saving grace one day.
      Me on the other hand, stood in the basement today scratching my head trying to figure out what I went down there for! 😆

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  5. I loved Bible quizzing when I was a teenager, but I was never quick, so I usually wasn’t the person to answer most of the questions. My younger sister was quick, so she answered many of them. I still enjoyed the whole process.

    Amy, I love your crocheting. You are so talented. My mom crocheted a lot. That talent passed over me, though, but that wasn’t part of God’s design for my life.

    You sound great!

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