Be His

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Where do you go when you have nowhere to turn?

Looking behind, watching your bridges burn

Just how do you think you got yourself here?

As the world looks at you with an angry sneer

Where to will you run to hide from it all?

To a high ledge with nothing to break your fall?

Where ya gonna go to find what you lack?

With nothing left but the clothes on your back

Where will you go to save your soul?

When the legacy you’ve been left is an empty hole

Left with no map and no keys

Where can you find answers to put your turmoil at ease?

Some say He’s a Strong Tower

Some say only He has all power

Others say He a Father and a Friend

The map says He’s the beginning and the end

Run to the Tower, run to The Friend

Run to The Alpha, run to The End

There’s no love like His love He will show up, you’ll see

Teach you, shield you, as you finally become free

Image found on the internet


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