Amy’s Weird World

Back to life, back to reality…remember that song from the 90’s? LoL. Well now it’s in your head, you’re welcome.

Honestly, I’ve just simply been relaxing this week coming back from Florida. It was hard when the kids would start talking at the same time or start their bickering. I didn’t handle these moments very well. I also didn’t handle the moments with my autistic daughter who was asking questions and wanting me to make decisions for her. That was hard. Looking back over the last few days of this week, I did the best I could considering the circumstances.

I went to church last night. Many asked how I was and gave me their condolences. One woman came to ask how I was, but then continued to talk of nothing but how she was handling the death of her father. I’m a good listener, sometimes…but it was extremely hard in that moment. Thinking upon that, I think many want to help but just don’t know how. I’ve been in that position of just rambling because I don’t know what the right thing to say is.

I took school off for the week. Today is Thursday. Mom died early Monday morning. Part of me was relieved to hear of her passing because it told me I did the right thing by pulling the vent.

I had a 2 hr appointment with my counselor, which was very nice of her to take that time for me, yesterday. She advised me that not many are going to be able to understand my feelings. They cannot understand the type of grief I’m in because my grief is yet again the loss of what will never be. So I’ve decided not to explain to all of my people just what I’m dealing with. And I don’t know about you, but really, most people don’t care. They just want to live life, say they’re sorry, and go on with whatever they’re doing in their lives.

I read my mother’s diary. I did me no good. It didn’t hurt too much either. Some parts seemed staged. Weird, I know. Amy’s weird world comin’ right at ya! But honestly, she wrote as if knowing it was to be read. But other times she wrote just to write, to no audience. And in those times, I learned that she truly believed herself to be a victim. This may help me toward closure.

In the meantime, here’s some photos of what’s been going on around this weird world…

Tues I sat in my chair and crocheted and made dinner. That was the extent of my day. Some yarn and a hook do a body good. This is a 12pointed star round baby blanket. I’ll post the finished product later.
Abigail is making rubber band creations…she follows a tutorial on YouTube and makes these little creatures
12.99 she got all of this to make rubber band stuff. Keeps her real busy…until she gets bored with it lol
Other blanket that I made. Baby is due in the summer so this will be light
Doesn’t this bonnet just make you wanna melt?

38 Replies to “Amy’s Weird World”

        1. Thanks Kathy…I only have the cremation papers to sign and the ashes to ship and I’m done with the decision part. Since she had nothing and had no plans in place I was able to get her cremation paid for by the county. This was a relief

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  1. “ Back to life, back to reality…remember that song from the 90’s? LoL. Well now it’s in your head, you’re welcome.” LOL! Thanks, again! 😂

    ((((( ❤️ )))))
    I love to crochet -my praying grandma taught me how-you do beautiful work! And those rubber bands 😳😄👍🏻

    May you continue with your life day to day never letting Satan steal ANY joy the Lord has given you and your family through Jesus!

    Jesus has changed your life through lots of trials-Hallelujah! Unfortunately your mom didn’t live that way-hopefully when she heard you reading Psalm 23 to her and praying she finally reached out to God and asked forgiveness ❤️

    Keep on keeping on! WE ARE SO VERY BLESSED!

    Love ya, sis! I’m blessed you are part of my family through Jesus!
    Beth 🙏🏻❤️

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  2. Amy, one thing I’ve learned with grief is that no one understands including those going through it. So many emotions at one time…anger, sadness, fear, love, the what ifs, among others.

    Know that I am praying for ya sis!

    Where in the world did you get all that rubber band equipment for such a steal? Brandon needs more.

    Great job on the crotchet!!

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  3. I quite like that song . . . just don’t mention Agadoo. Sorry!!! 😀

    I love your crochet items, Amy. That is something I could never master. I especially like the summer baby blanket. Loving all those rubber bands! They should keep Abigail happily busy for a little while.

    I’m glad you are finding some peace over recent events and decisions. Shalom. xx

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      1. I’m the other way round – knitting came easily to me! I might give crochet another go some time soon and look it up on youtube. Thanks Amy.
        Glad you’re feeling better! x

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      1. Thank you. Yes, things are going well, all things considered. It’s just keeping me very busy. But here’s a cool thing: the night before my husband’s first pre-op surgical appointment, we saw a big, beautiful rainbow just before sunset right behind our house.

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          1. Thank you, Amy. I am very hopeful, too, that all will be well. Still, I have mixed emotions, as you can probably understand. My husband has had 3 heart attacks, he has COPD and has to sleep with oxygen, and he is diabetic. In the morning, just a few hours from now, he will undergo a surgical procedure, then starting next week he will have 44 radiation treatments at the rate of five per week, Monday through Friday, for nine weeks. All of these medical appointments are an hour and forty minute drive away, each way.

            I will be glad when all this is over!

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            1. Oh Linda sounds like so much for you both to endure! I wish I could just make it go away. I do know though you are a strong woman who can do this! Some of them experiences you’ve gone through before were to grow you for such a time as this…
              (At least this is the advice I’ve been given in times of, “How in earth am I going to do this?)

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