We made it here. We flew 2hrs into Orlando/Sanford. When we landed we couldn’t get a car rental anywhere. We stood outside the airport with many others who were all on their phones calling all the cab services, and Uber. Each time we would get to put our info in on Uber we’d lose connection and have start all over. Right when we were about to panic a ride from Lyft came through. He was willing to drive us 2 hrs from 11pm til 130 in the morning. It is now 3:30 and although my body is exhausted from the anxiety and the travel I cannot go to sleep.

I’m laying here wondering about tomorrow. What will she look like? Will I cry? Will I be strong. And in between that I’m thinking of how cool God is. How His hand is in everything.

Our Lyft driver was a 65 year old man who was pleasent and kind. And he was a sold out for Christ christian who basically took care of us. He took us through mcdonald’s. He showed us the sights. Told us what we were seeing as we drove by. He even shared his gospel christan music that he recorded himself. I wonder if he was an angel. It was the first time in the last 3 days that I felt totally calm and was able to just relax. I was so relaxed I said, can we stop to get a bite to eat? We got him a sweet tea. We talked about all kinds of stuff from Florida animals and bugs to the bald eagle we saw on our property in Indiana.

We told him how he was an answer to prayer as we were worried just who would be willing to drive us so far. How he was answer to prayer that we would get a nice God fearing man. He said…you are an answer to my prayers, as I was praying that I would get a long trip with better pay Tonight. God is so cool ya see?

Now if only I could sleep…

Palm trees in the mcdonald’s drive thru…lol

11 Replies to “Florida”

  1. Those photographs are magnificent, Amy. The whole event must seem quite surreal to you, given the circumstances. It was like when I travelled from England to Aberdeen in Scotland when my brother was dying – passing so many well-loved landmarks from my childhood in Scotland was a bittersweet experience.
    I hope you’re able to get some rest even if you don’t sleep. God be with you. xx

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  2. “Our Lyft driver was a 65 year old man who was pleasent and kind. And he was a sold out for Christ christian who basically took care of us.”

    God is already there. He was there before you got there. He’s going to be with you and your mom when the time comes.

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  3. I love this. Thank you for sharing how well God took care of you through this wonderful man – and how God worked both ways to bless you all!
    God’s peace goes with you, He has you in the palm of His Hand.

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