Give In

I wonder if you know how instrumental you can be

Through your life’s travels you could help someone see…

All the wonderful good there is in Him

And just how He can erase every single last sin

Do you know your voice can truly be heard?

That you could help spread God’s word?

But you often may hear whispered in your ear

The enemy’s lies that fill your mind with fear

What if you could see your future-self ahead?

And you saw the book of your life being read

As the readers sit back in awe and wonder

How you came out from sin, from under

How God had His perfect mighty way

Through you, His vessel, He had His say

From ears filled with fear, to a mouthpiece for Him

And all you had to do was just simply give in

Do you ever feel like you have more to say? That you’re meant to share something with others, to be truly heard? But when it you let your mind think on the scale of what it would take, you get so scared or have the feeling that you don’t belong?

Yeah…me too.


20 Replies to “Give In”

  1. Brilliant! I, for one, need to listen only to our Father who loves us and builds us up, and take no notice of the father of lies who only wants to break us. How much good we could do for His Kingdom!

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      1. If it’s things concerning God, you can be rest-assured it’s not the devil wanting you to speak up. He wants us to stay in our nests. It’s safer that way. But God wants us to leave that comfortable nest and to FLY! God is always the wind beneath our wings! 🙂

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