What’s Your Cause?

Seems like everyone these days has a cause

Like sounding trumpets, they shout without pause

From, save our planet for it is warming

To, look at the same sex couple, aren’t they charming?

And although standing for what you believe used to be the way

Now they kneel for the flag to have their say

Shouldn’t we stand for what is right, what is good?

Sadly, the lines are blurred and misunderstood

How does all this nonsense settle with you?

Each day reading and hearing something new

Time speeding, rumors of wars, weird weather

Vaccines, plagues, hatred too hardened to sever

Are you ready to stand for a cause with your Savior?

Are you ready to stand against evil and not waver?

Will your feet stay planted on solid ground

Or will they betray you when you hear that sound….

Of the end of days as He predicted

He hears the hearts of the afflicted

What will be your cause on that Earth shattering day?

When Jesus comes to take His bride away


22 Replies to “What’s Your Cause?”

  1. Thank you Amy for putting into words what a lot of us are thinking. Yes, when I see what is going on right now in our world I do believe Jesus will be coming soon. It’s also getting more urgent to pray for our loved ones who don’t have Christ yet as their Lord and Saviour. Blessings.

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      1. Yes, it can be overwhelming. I believe though that if we pray in His will (and He wants all to come to the knowledge of the truth) He will hear us. We aren’t asking for anything luxurious but we are asking exactly what He desires for everyone to be saved. I believe that if I keep knocking on His door for my loved ones that He will hear me and help. We can trust in Him because He is in control!

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