Amy’s Wonderful World

Hi all. Been busy as usual. I’ve really been enjoying reading your blog posts. After I took my blogging break and decided to come back,I went through the blogs I followed and sorted through them. This enabled me to clear out my daily incoming emails. It also allowed me to be able to read the blogs I wanted and not be over-run by so many in my feed. Stu, my friend, I’m glad to see you up and going again. I know you never really stopped, but rather slowed down. But to me that slow down was like…Hey wait! Where’s Stu?

Charity, I’m glad to have you back as well, being the wonderful encourager that you are. Renee! Something about every post you out out shouts optimism, sunshine and rainbows… and of course, hearts.

Kathy I love that you’re still cranking out unique recipes each Friday. Golly jeepers, just where did you get such a cool idea from?🤔 All kidding aside, your outlook is always positive and uplifting! I’m sure I’m not the only one that appreciates that!

Bruce, I appreciate your steadfast truth. I also just love when you write from the heart and experiences.

There are many other blogs I’m following as well. Go check em out, here they are:

Ok y’all, I know you want pics of my exciting life!🤪 Actually something wonderful happened! A couple weeks ago the girls and I watched Heaven is for Real. A movie about a boy who goes to Heaven during a surgery. The girls and I talked for quite a while after. Then last Sat night I get this from my 8 year old.

She sometimes gives me these letters rather than ask a question

Yes it says can I get baptized tomorrow!

Don’t tell my husband I out his picture up on here!🤫 Lol. He gets shy about those things!😏

I told my Leah, when she was asking about the water and how long she be under, that the water would feel like any other water. She had once asked me if there was blood in the baptismal, Jesus’s blood. It was hard for her to understand the significance at that time. So I knew she wanted to get baptized but needed a new direction of thought. So I told her that the water would be warm. That it would feel the same and that nothing would really happen in that moment….not here on Earth! I told her about the party that would happen in Heaven. How the minute she came out of that water, Jesus would be opening a book in heaven. I got Revelation out and read it to her just so she would know I wasn’t giving her some fairy tale. I explained to her that her name would be written in the Book of Life.

When she stepped into the room where I helped her dry off and change she said, “Jesus is having that party now. He’s writing my name in that book!” How I pray that thought excites her as much as it did that day for the rest of her life!


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  1. Oh, God bless your little daughter, Amy! What wonderful photos. I was christened as a baby, but recently I’ve been giving lots of thought to being properly baptized. I’m frightened of water going over my face though, but Leah and your pastor make it look like the joyful experience that it surely is. She has inspired me!
    I haven’t heard of that film, but I need to look it up now.
    Your family photo is beautiful. xx

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  2. I love this update!!! Beautiful blessed I. The Lord family!! As I was reading about your daughttt ey being baptized I recalled my own baptism while I was pregnant with my precious daughter who is now 33 years old. (As you may recall I was pregnant with her when in a suicidal state and the Lord saved me from murdering us both when I called out to Him ❤️)
    In that recollection I also remember falling away later and choosing Roman Catholicism as my “choice” of “Christianity “ 😳💔
    But again and ALWAYS by the grace of God He through His Holy Spirit showed me out that broad way and back to the narrow!! 🙌
    I could go on and on about all that!
    Thanks for the updates I always enjoy them!!
    P.S. Great family picture !!!

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    1. I am grateful for His spirit. It must’ve been what was guiding my daughter to the decision. When we talked that night and she had moments of uncertainty, I told her that God must’ve been speaking to her and that she should obey Him.
      Makes us feel so incredibly special when He speaks to us like this!


      1. I am so excited for you and your family! How exciting it is when our children choose for themselves to be baptized! It just warms a poor Moma’s heart! Thank you so much for sharing the pics of Leah’s special time! 💜💕
        And thank you so much for highlighting my blog and the others! You are the sweetest! I love your blog! Your poetry and stories always move me!
        Here’s to the 🌞 🌈 💜🙌🏼


  3. If that doesn’t tear your heart apart, I don’t know what will! Beautiful, just beautiful and the look on Leah’s face after being baptized! Thank you so much for sharing this Amy, your family is blessed with you as their mother and wife. May God’s grace, peace and blessings be richly poured upon you and yours!

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  4. WooooW!! So wonderful! So heart-filling! So eternally blessed. Thank you for including the pictures.
    That’s a great family picture. Please post another when you get your oldest in there with you. 😊
    Glad you’re enjoying the recipes – yep, great idea, my Amy!

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  5. Oh wow! That’s beautiful Amy. I’m so proud of her. 💕 I know you are over the moon!

    Awww…. your sweet hubby. Good picture! I won’t tell. 😉

    Thank you for the shout out! I’m glad you enjoy my blog. 😊

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  6. Oh Amy😥 Tears of joy sis! Thank you for sharing Leah’s baptism. For some reason I always get teared up when someone gets baptized!

    I feels good to writing again. Though still not as frequently as 2019. Thank you for the encouragement and for being there for me!

    Such a great family photo♥️

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