Amy’s Jan/Feb World

Hi’ya all. Been busy, busy around here. I think often of how women my age(47) are becoming grandmothers. I wonder how it must feel for them. Most women I know just love it. I see how women were mostly designed to have children earlier on. At my age, I have a 26 yr old, 11yr old, and an 8 yr old. Some days are plain, mentally exhausting. It is getting easier as the girls are more ready to wheel and deal with me to get what they want, rather than the good old fashioned fits they used to throw. I do realize I have their teenage years yet…

Hands down, I’d never trade it for anything.

Anyways, I believe I’ve moved on from grief finally. There were some weeks there I didn’t think I’d ever feel like me again. Now it is replaced with a longing to see my friends again. I feel alot more level headed. Thanks to those who prayed for me and to those who commented. I love this community of people.

Crochet blanket I finished from Vanna White pattern book. Who knew Vanna was so artsy. I always imagined her in fancy clothes eating bon bons all day
Our quizzers were able to quiz after an emotional week of wondering is it cancelled, is it not? Abigail did so good!
While I left unfinished cookie dough in the kitchen, my husband made huge cookies with it!
Scrunchies I made. Use any hair tie and crochet right onto them.
We have snow! Here’s their cool snow fort their dad made them
This is what they do during recess. No other kids are as lucky!
Putting in a new bathroom in our basement. Here’s the before pic. I’ll share our progress as we go along
Ever seen something so funny? First of all, neither of us have such big lips! And secondly, my ability to climb a tree left me with my 20’s

We are studying 5th grade science. We just learned the planets along with the moon and the sun. It amazes me how God set the Earth in just the right position. He is so broadly awesome in His creations.

Our pastor preached a wonderful teaching sermon a couple weeks ago. He talked about how when mom or dad pass on, how their adult children fight over the sugar bowl or something that was special of their dad’s. My pastor talked about what if we had a such a powerful relationship with God that our children wanted that when we are gone. That our legacy would be our walks with God. Makes you think, doesn’t it?


24 Replies to “Amy’s Jan/Feb World”

  1. Lol, Amy, I LOVE that portrait of you and hubby kissing. That looks like a hot, passionate moment! 😀
    The photos are fab. I love it when my blogging friends share piccys from their offline life. xx

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  2. 🧡LOVE this❗
    Okay, taking pics in their turn:
    Love that Vanna white pattern, and love the colors. I just know that afghan is as cozy as it looks. 😉
    Congrats to the quizzers; they look so happy.
    Now, that’sa cookie! I wanna bite.
    Snow forts and sledding – great PE workouts. I want a hill just like that in my back yard.
    Looking forward to future bathroom updates. Are you guys doing it yourselves?
    The drawing of you and hubby smooching: I SO love this! My prayer for all kids is to see their parents just like that. Kids need to know their parents are crazy in love
    I’m so proud of you, my Amy: your kids know they are loved, that their parents love each other, and know your passionate love for God.

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    1. Mike is doing the bathroom, except we hired a guy to do the mudding and sanding as it’s hard on Mike’s shoulders and he feels that he doesn’t do good with that part of remodeling.
      Well I spoiled the kids and took them to a bigger hill today, so now they may not appreciate what they have in their backyard! Lol

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  3. Girl you have been busy as a beaver!!! 🦫 Crocheting, teaching, coaching… I had no idea Vanna White had an actual life outside that game show! Who knew? 😳🙊 Looks like your kiddos have been having so much fun learning scripture, partying, building forts, sledding and playing in the snow. A meeting bathroom! Yay! 👏🏼 Now about that pic with Hot Lips Houlihan…. 🤣 Y’all need to stay out of those trees! Just saying! 🤣 😁

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