At Last

Hush child, quiet your cries

I know ‘ya been listening to those lies

You’re so much more than what you hear

Come closer lend me your ear

Let me tell you of somewhere to go

Where can set your cares down and know…

That you are safe and free

To lay it down and just finally be

From one wrong to another wrong

On the run you’ve been for so long

Wouldn’t you like to just breathe?

Wouldn’t you like more than a reprieve?

There’s a place I know where you can go

In His presence I just know…

your cries can become echoes, memories of the past

As you lay your life in His hands finally at last


8 Replies to “At Last”

      1. It‘s funny how it works that way at times! It was perfect without adding a thing. Definitely a God-thing! 🙌🏼
        I know one day I was going through my drafts and found one I had finished. At the time I had written it, I felt it needed more work, and I just wasn’t feeling it for that particular day. So when I found it later, it was meant for that day. God knows! It’s amazing how His timing works!
        I’m glad you got your mojo back! 🙌🏼 Chelsea will be moving soon, so I will hopefully get back to blogging more.

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