New Beginnings

Climbing up out of despair

I can smell the crisp fresh air

Walking away, not a broken bone in sight

I swear I saw an angel lift off in flight

Or was it Your luminous glowing Light

Wrapped around me as my car took flight?

Such kindness; such love-could I ever repay?

You literally saved my life that day

A new chance; a do-over You’ve given me

A new beginning is all I see!

Those bars held me in so many years

Daily I heard their snarls and jeers

And for a season I played along….

With the politics of the inside- all wrong.

Til the day they beat me to the core

My dignity seemed gone forevermore

But survival came as You reached in

My heart you grabbed up my sin

A new chance; a do-over you’ve given me

A new beginning is all I see

Growing up in poverty and daily shame

Scornfully looked upon by those who knew my name

Knowing I couldn’t beat the statistics, I relented

There’s no God, the idea was cemented

Until the day I heard Your Holy Word come forth

From a preacher’s lips, my eyes looked North

And I saw Your miraculous Hand reach down

And surround me with a love so sound

You gave me a new name; a new song

No longer living in the dark; in the wrong

A new chance; a do-over You’ve given me

A new beginning is all I see!

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature. Old things are passed away. Behold all thing become new. 2 Cor. 5:17


38 Replies to “New Beginnings”

    1. No. It happened just this week to a fellow blogger’s niece, Renee at Heart Tokens. And yes she walked away with broken fingernails only! I asked renee if I could use the pic but forgot to explain in the caption

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  1. Oh my, Amy! This was so perfectly worded and a fine example of God’s great mercy and Grace!! How many of us have been given so many chances like these? He makes all things new! For the greater good. For ourselves and for those who will hear our stories!
    I’m so so glad the Lord brought you through! Your words are a great inspiration! 🥰😍💜
    And thank you so much for sharing a link to my blog. 😇😁

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  2. Fantastic poem, Amy. I echo what Kathy said about the situations where God will make His presence known. It also speaks of how strong the will to survive is, like that tiny tree growing out of the sunken branch. It’s amazing! And that car wreck, oh my goodness – that gave me chills.

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  3. Your poem actually to follow a pattern and because they do I can read God all over them. I follow a couple of others who write poems but sometimes I have to ask questions before I get the gist of the poem, but not with yours. What a gifting you have been given from the Lord.

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