Have They Any Clue?

I’ve come to wonder just how You do it all

From the rising of sun to the beauty of fall

How You could be here healing her complete?

Yet, over there, protecting them from the deceiver’s deceit

How can You guide a surgeon’s hand?

And yet You’re counting every piece of blowing sand

Do they know just how powerful You are?

Do they know that they’ve gone too far?

Have they any clue what You have in store?

Like a thief in night is what You said before

Clueless and foolish really are they

As we enter the time of the feet of iron and clay

I feel sorry for them who’ll be caught unaware…

When You come for Your bride in the air

Looking up they’ll finally see why

We always said there’s one thing you cannot buy


4 Replies to “Have They Any Clue?”

  1. I am becoming more and more content to watch things unfold, whatever God has planned. Much is evil, but Yahweh is my God; His Son Jesus is my Savior; and His Holy Spirit abides within me, and I in Him. It is well with my soul.

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