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Since I’ve last wrote an update, many things have transpired. But isn’t that how it is for most of us? If you take the time to look back at the last few weeks you really can see where you’ve been. So many of us are plowing through our lives forgetting to stop and look back and take inventory. Especially with all that’s going on in our world, I believe we are all in the huge race to 2021…but do we actually think 2021 will be better just because there’s a new year? I’m not being pessimistic, just realistic. I caught myself yesterday standing looking at Jan 2021 pinned to the kitchen wall thinking, maybe it will all be over…

It’s what our humanistic minds are trained to do. Look for a way out. Find a way of escape. Oh well, there’s only One who really knows what tomorrow holds.

Speaking of a way out, I was given a chance to be a light to a young addicted woman. Hooked on one of the strongest drugs, heroine, I could feel her hope and her hopelessness as she opened up via text to me. I felt small and unequipped in truly helping her. What I mean is, I have experience with drugs and addiction under my belt, but what could I truly say to someone to get them to just open their eyes and stop? What could I give her that’s concrete? Bottom line is the Word of God. I gave the scriptures that helped me. The rest is up to her. It takes alot to get to this point in helping others. So many times we want salvation and freedom for others more than they do for themselves.

One of the scriptures I gave her…

I turned life off for myself a couple of days ago. Forced myself to just stop. I had some alarming symptoms of stress happen to me and I knew I needed to just slow down. It was so hard to just sit when I could be doing this or that. In the long run, I feel much better. The words I want to say are coming to me quicker than before.

Do you ever wonder what God thinks of all of our running around, buying gifts, and putting on big meals during this time? Do you ever wonder, like I do, if maybe we should put more of this effort in celebrating Easter than Christmas? Just sayin’. I know there’s alot of significance to His birth, but His birth was for one purpose…His death and resurrection. What if we planned for a month ahead for Easter? What if we gave presents then? What if school was off for 2 weeks and family drove in from other states to enjoy a big fancy meal?

I guess my post should say Amy’s Rambling World😀

Glad for a break from school. This calendar is the coolest, from Melissa and Doug toys. Magnetic
If you look closely you’ll see that that’s a ladybug my Leah painted! Alive. She is such a cool kid.
Hey Kathy here’s 2 of our cats! The left is Tiger she’s at least 8 yrs old and not enthused. The left is Donald for Donald Trump! He’s orange lol I got the idea from this blog by Michelle to make snowflake ornaments from clothespins. Our Doves loved painting them

Have a Merry Christmas blog world!


27 Replies to “Amy’s World”

  1. Wow, this: “So many times we want salvation and freedom for others more than they do for themselves.”
    When we have eyes to see freedom, and we live in it, we so want it for others. We can tell them, show them; but yes, they have to want it, themselves.
    Cool cats! Donald’s hair color. 😁
    We have a pretty toned-down Christmas here (and birthdays and Thanksgiving and Easter…). We have a nice meal, but don’t do a gift exchange (we just get each other something any time, if we see something we know would be appreciated). Some Christmas lights (because it gets so DARK this time of year!), a few decorations. No mad shopping or online blitzes. I get that, with kids, you do more; but it should be more fun, not more stressed.
    Looks like you guys do the fun stuff. ~ — painted ladybug??? – ~ 🤣
    I love leaving 2021 in God’s Hands. We’d better hold on, because it could be a doozy!

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  2. So true Amy. I was just telling my oldest daughter that I wonder what Jesus thinks of all this gift giving and stuff we do for Christmas. No one did this in the Bible every year to celebrate His birth that I know of. I totally agree, we should be way more excited to celebrate Easter.

    That lady bug is cool!

    You are a wonderful woman and I know you are a blessing to everyone who’s life you touch. You have most definitely been a blessing and a good friend to me.

    Merry Christmas Amy. I love you. 💕

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  3. Amy, this speaks volumes on different levels.

    1. 2021, I believe will be just as crummy as 2020 for many of the same reason. Covid is not going away and the powers that be will use it even more to corral people. These stupid useless masks will stay in “fashion” and so on and so on. This has been on my mind a lot lately😥

    2. The addicted behavior..sadly they must want freedom more than their addiction… PERIOD! It’s a tough road. I will be in prayer that you may continue to share with this young lady.

    3. The holidays. As I’ve gotten older I wonder why we even celebrate them at all. I doubt Jesus would approve of us celebrating either of them. I believe He would rather us share His birth, death and resurrection with the lost than “celebrate” it with family.

    I love the clothespin snowflakes😊

    Cute kitties😻

    I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

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