End of Days

Can you hear it? The rattling sound?

The call of many feet gathering around

Listening to the voice of many waters

Instructing what happens to the earth’s sons and daughters

“The thousand year day is at hand

The day I will return to their land

I’ve waited as long as I can

For all to hear of my salvation plan

Earthquakes in divers places

Times of peril, mankind now faces

Knowledge increased

Hatred and anger have not ceased

Nation against nation, the insanity

I’ve heard their cries of calamity

Time was given them to heed and to hear

Of the time of My coming drawing near

Ready the horses, clean my horn

Time has run out, no one left to warn

Meet Me in the east as we split the sky

As the end of days now draws nigh


17 Replies to “End of Days”

  1. I’m sure many people thought World War II signaled the end, with Hitler as the Antichrist, but not every piece was in place – Israel wasn’t a nation again yet. Then Israel was reestablished, and with the establishment of the ten-nation European Union, (beast with ten horns?) everyone thought we were in the Last Days. But a piece was still missing – the gospel hadn’t been preached to the whole world yet. Now with the internet, that’s possible. Now there’s talk of microchips being embedded in people’s hands to scan when they go shopping … :/
    Is there anything else that’s missing?
    When I pray for my grandchildren to grow up to be mighty men and women of God, I find myself adding, “..if You should tarry…”

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