Well Done

Goodbye friend who held nothing in

Goodbye mother whose love shone from within

A pillar, a wolf, mighty and strong

No right words for us to say “so long”

Goodbye sister, silly and sweet

Goodbye daughter, the King you will now meet

Encouraging, friendly, honest and true

We promise we will never forget you

Goodbye wife who loved with her all

Goodbye friend, we’re glad you answered His call

Teacher, listener, leader and guide

Upon a cloud we love to see you ride…

To heavenly heights flying so high

As the sound grows dim of this world’s cry

For you are now in eternity for sure

Gazing upon God’s face so pure

In His embrace so tender and mild

I’m sure He said, “Well done my child”


10 Replies to “Well Done”

  1. Oh Amy….I’m so overwhelmed with the feelings of love you shared for your friend today at her Homegoing! I could feel it and hear it in your voice, as you read your poem aloud and spoke words of love for her. It was truly beautiful! I got tears! Sis. Finky would be so proud of you, and I know she had to have been smiling down at you! Continued prayers for you my friend and the family.

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      1. You are welcome. You held up as strong as you could, it’s ok to cry. Everyone understood. I imagine there will be more tears in the days to come. Much love, hugs and prayers, my friend. 🙏🏼

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  2. Amy, this is beautiful! What a good service. I usually don’t say that about “funerals” but this one was touching. You did a great job sharing today and it is very evident that Finky was/is deeply loved by many!

    Thank you for sharing the link with me so I could watch😊

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  3. Beautiful poem, Amy! 💓 An amazing lady Sis Finky was. The poem made me cry during her service just like the poem you wrote and read for Sue. Both ladies were proud I’m sure.

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