Heaven’s Bus

A strong woman died today

With a last breath she slipped away

Although she is happy and finally free

Lingering pain is now filling me

Never did I know someone so down to earth

Filled with strength, joy and mirth

They say she’s the lucky one riding on heaven’s bus

But lucky were we, each and every one of us

How I wish she was just taking a trip to town

Instead of going to be handed her crown

I hope they all know there might not be one sturdy enough

To fit on the head of one so tough

In memory of my friend Deleen “Finky” Cook. She died this morning. This is not the poem that will be read at her funeral…just a poem of what I feel. Not too sure about the bus thing. Lol it just popped out of my head. But I got to thinking if there is an express bus in heaven, you better believe Finky will be on it.

She was 71 years old She came to God in 1997. Lived a long life of hardships, working through nursing school, four kids as well. In the early 90’s (I think) she was told she had an inoperable brain tumor. She given a death sentence. She got a second opinion, where she learned she would live but they would go through her mouth to take out the tumor. The surgery left her face paralyzed and a bit tugged to the side. She was left with no hearing in her ear and limited sight in her eye on the paralyzed side of her face. She would have to put drops in her eyes quite often as the eye was paralyzed to a certain extent. They put gold in that eyelid to weigh it down so she could blink and keep it closed to sleep. They chose gold because it will not react in ct scans and MRI machines.

Once this happened she was forced into a life of being disabled. But one thing Finky was NOT was disabled. She kept going. And I guarantee not many of us could keep up with her. She found rides where she needed to go. If she needed to take the bus, I tell ya she would never be too proud to take the bus.


18 Replies to “Heaven’s Bus”

  1. Thank you for sharing her story with us, Amy. What an inspiring lady! I loved your poem and, yes, the bus pulling up at the gates of heaven appeals to me a lot. I like travelling by bus too and what a destination! You will miss her. Take care of yourself. xx

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  2. So sorry Amy! It’s really tough to lose a loved one, and more so when they had a great influence on our walk with the Lord. Us believers have the great Comforter to walk us through this valley of death, and the great joy we can have is the assurance that we will see each other again some day. Blessings, Elfriede

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