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My blog activity is out of necessity…I guess. I feel a need to write. Not a have to, so that’s good. See I’ve been seeing how social media boils down to self. Look what I made. Look what I accomplished. Look at what I have. Look at what I’m going to get. Come on, there has to be more than this at the end of a day. The main thing should remain the main thing. Did I help someone? Did I help change a life?

So what’s been going on around here? School. Loving it. Absolutely loving it. The girls are doing wonderfully. My two 5th graders picked a continent to pick a country out of to do a poster report. Well they picked Antarctica. No population. No government set up there. Sounds like a good place to run to to get away from the realities of the election, the fraud, the riots, the contention, the covid….wonder if Corona can live in Antarctica with those low temps🤔

I’m about to lose a friend to death. Lung cancer end stage. I lost a friend to complications of covid back in August. Still hurts. And now my dear friend hasn’t had anything to eat in 5 weeks. Her bowels suffered irreversible repair after stroke. She was too weak also for chemo or even the new immunotherapy.

She is declining and should pass away this week. Pass away. Weird thought, isn’t it? We like to put it nicely, I guess. My friend will die. I have been praying for her to die. Lord, please take her quick. Weird to think I’m praying for someone to die. I have gotten past the guilt of that. Some friends of mine showed me how it’s out of compassion that we tend to pray a prayer like that.

It hit me yesterday when, again I was praying for my friend’s passing to happen quickly and praying for the family to see God in this experience. That they would feel His presence in that home as they wait for their mother’s death. The thought hit me…do they realize how close they are to heaven these last days? They know their mother will go to heaven. She has given her life to God many years ago. Do they realize just how close they will be to heaven, as their mother slips out of this world and the heavens open to receive her.

Grief is weird. At least, that’s my newest thought on the matter. Losing these two women is hard for me. They were older ladies that I clung to in the church. They both have talked me down many ledges. They had rejoiced with me, they helped me, they even both showed for my grandmother’s funeral because it was my grandmother who died and they wanted to show me their support. The loss I feel for them for exceeds any loss I’ve had outside of my children.

Grief does come in waves like they often say. Out of nowhere after a calm, easy quiet day, here comes a bout of crying, weeping. And as soon as it comes, it just leaves. I feel no better, no worse after that. We cry for ourselves when we grieve. I get that. But even knowing this doesn’t stop the waterworks.

Well anyway, I’m ok. I’m sure you all have been here a time or two and can relate. I did write a poem for my friend and I will post it when she passes, slips away or dies…however you wanna look at it. Til then how about a few update pics?

Field trip to a nature center. I observed while our brave girls touched the fox snake! Ewe
Leah made herself a doll using old socks from her drawer
Learning to sew in Doves. She is sewing on a badge she earned
3 tins of buttons…nothing better for little girls
Election night…coloring their electoral maps..until….the election basically stopped. Try explaining to kids just what is going on with the election.
The younger girls get a sash to sew

37 Replies to “Amy’s World”

  1. Thank you for your update, Amy. I enjoyed looking at your photographs – the fox snake is beautiful. Snakes are remarkable creatures . . . I just wish they didn’t get such bad press, considering the biblical connotations. And that doll! I’d love one of those. It’s so sweet.
    I’m sorry to hear about your friend who died from Covid complications and also your friend who is in end stage lung cancer. Oh Amy, what a lot to bear. I hope that your friend’s last hours on this earth are peaceful ones and that she is surrounded and supported by those who care for her and love her. Yes, it’s amazing to think of how thin the veil is at a time like that. God be with you all at this sad time. xx

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  2. So sorry about your losses, Amy. It has definitely been the year of loss for so many.
    The uncertainty of so many things doesn’t help either.
    I love the work your kids did! GREAT JOB!!
    Praying for you and your family. Me and God love you, friend!

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  3. Dear Amy, your words and your pictures blessed me. I am just starting my day, the sun just came up about 12 minutes ago and I haven’t ventured out from under the covers yet. Your post is my first read of the day.

    My heart goes out to you in your grief. I lost my beloved aunt in August. Yes, the grief hits in waves. ❤❤

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      1. Aww, thanks. I write at least a little in my memoir every day. The reason it’s taking me so long is because some of what I am writing about is hard to think about, let alone put down on paper. Er, I mean, on computer.

        Also, with my daughter being sick with covid-19 right now, it’s hard for me to think about anything else. Even so, I am still writing. Praying hard. And writing.

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        1. I can imagine how hard it would be. I often think about writing the events of my life and it seems like a big undertaking, digging up old hurts and revisiting them. Not easy. I applaud you. It will help someone though so keep plugging away. I feel God wants us to use our past hurts as way to show others of His mercy, grace and ability to save and heal

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  4. Oh dear Amy! You have been through the wringer! I’m thinking of you and wishing you better days ahead! Prayers for your friend. 😢 It’s hard to lose one friend, let alone two! Just know my heart hurts for you my sweet friend, and I will be praying for you in the days ahead!
    Thank you for sharing your life these days
    and pics of your kiddos! It helps to get things out, so we know we are never alone. We are in this walk together. Love and much prayers!

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    1. Thanks Sister Renee. Our church has lost 4 saints this year including my friend who will pass soon. We will ha e a memorial service for them all since each’s funeral wasn’t what it could be with covid going on.

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      1. I know that has got to be hard and very devastating, Amy! There are no words to make it better either. But prayers are the ONLY thing that can carry you all through this hard time. I wish I could reach out and give you a big hug and let you know you are loved beyond anything you can imagine! You have been such a blessing to me! I know without a shadow of a doubt that you have been a tremendous support to your friends there and here in this community. I pray God gives you strength, purpose, courage and peace today and for the tough days to come. 💜🤗

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  5. Amy I am sorry for your loss of such dear friends, that is never easy. I understand the struggle with euphemisms for death, hence for many years now I prefer the Salvation Army term of “being promoted to Glory.” May our Father God bless you in these days.

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  6. Hugs for you, my Amy. The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away; the Lord giveth again and again and again. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.
    I’m so happy so see how joyful you are in school, you and your girls. Isn’t it wonderful to plan and carry out such lessons so tailored for your children and their individuality?
    Never heard of a fox snake, but it’s beautiful!

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    1. Once I let go of traditional school thinking, I realized just how much I can tailor it for their individual needs. Like today, Mia asks Abigail how to spell ticket. I told Mia to go to her spelling book & cross out the word that’s the hardest for her and write ticket in. Should’ve seen her face light up.

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