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Hi all. A big thank you to those of you on the prayer email line that prayed for my family and me. I’m grateful to have a place to go to request prayer!

Since my last Amy’s World post, my family and I came down with Covid-19. Sadly, many in our church came down sick. I wanted to share our experience with you.

I felt a tickle in my throat, no more than a dryness that I couldn’t clear away on a Wednesday morning. By that evening I knew I was sick. I went to bed with the headache and fatigue, but I woke in the night to extreme chills that chattered my jaw. I had a low grade fever for only a day while I rode the couch and bed. With getting sick the days were weird. One day I felt I was 75% better and the next I’d be knocked down again. It became discouraging a couple of the days, but I kept reminding myself that it could be way worse.

While enduring this, each day I’d hear of another and another in the church who were sick and had tested positive as well. It became frightening at times, but I had to remember, my God is bigger. I also reminded myself that they were most likely experiencing the same symptoms as me and that I have been sicker than this covid and we would all be ok.

But my good friend and mentor, Sue, or Sister Fisher to many, did not make it. She was 66 yrs old. She suffered with lupus and a muscle disease for many years. I’ve seen her fight and beat pneumonia before. I’ve seen her fight bouts of dehydration leading to hospitalization and win.

She was sick with covid for a week and half, give or take a day, when the shortness of breath sent her to the hospital. She died a week later. Man does it hurt. She was a good mentor to me for many years. When I first got saved, she helped me so many times.

She’s been gone almost two weeks now. And it still hurts. She was a friend to me. We shared recipes, we swaped favors, and told each other secrets. I learned many life lessons from her life and her stories she would share.

Now she’s gone. Our church is on the mend. Everyone is out of quarantine and getting on with their lives. Wanting to put the whole thing behind them.

I’m starting to hear little comments like, “Why did your church open so early?” “Weren’t you all wearing masks?” “Well now you know how dangerous this thing is.”

My answer in a nutshell…we all know the risks each time we leave our homes and go to the store, or the dentist, or our jobs. There’s nowhere to point the finger. But then again, man has been pointing a finger at God blaming Him where blame isn’t due. So why not look at the church during this time, and put the whole blame on one individual institution?

My answer is, I’m going to keep on serving God. Attending church is the ultimate help I need to achieve my goal of serving Him. If you can go to Walmart and buy yourself a steak, then you can go to church and be fed your daily bread as well. Just sayin…

I feel at times, a relief. We got the virus, it wasn’t that bad. We made it through. Now we don’t have to fear it so much and we have antibodies…I hope.


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  1. Oh wow! I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend and the pain felt with that loss-the most helpful thought is knowing she’s not sick anymore 🙏🏻❤️ She gets to be with Jesus 🙏🏻❤️
    I’m happy to hear you are ALL on the mend!!!
    All glory to God our Father through Jesus the Christ!!!

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  2. I’m so glad you and your family are better! Goodness, my heart hurts for you in the loss of your friend! I pray God gives you strength in the days to come!
    We have no regrets when we put Jesus first! Faith over fear! We have all kinds of risks in this life. We will trust Him no matter what! Love you my friend!

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  3. “If you can go to Walmart and buy yourself a steak, then you can go to church and be fed your daily bread as well.” Well said, Amy.
    I think that this crisis has got a lot of people rethinking their priorities, and we’re finding out what is really important to us. The comfort that believers have is that God knows every moment of our lives, as well as when He’s going to call us home, and He loves us more than anyone else can. So while others are living in fear, we can have a peace, even in our grief. My condolences in the loss of your friend. Still, I know that you know she is waiting for you where you’ll share stories again.

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  4. Sorry to hear about your friend, Amy. While she may be ecstatic to finally be with Jesus, I’m sure there will be a hole where her very special friendship and mentorship used to be. May the Lord comfort you in your time of loss.
    Praise God that the rest of you are better now! May the Lord keep you all in good health in the days ahead.

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  5. Amy, I am sorry to hear that you and your loved ones are sick, and am relieved to hear that you are starting to recover. Feel better, and be gentle with yourself, as the combination of sickness + grief is a pretty potent one for event the most stalwart believer. I’ll be praying for you!

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  6. Condolences on your friend’s passing. Wonderful to hear God brought you and your family through it.

    Father, I pray for Amy, her family, and her church. You’re forever in the midst, of whatever we face. I pray for your peace, and strength for all. In Jesus’ name, Amen! God bless!

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    1. Thank you. My church definitely needs prayer as a whole, for now many are looking down their noses at us and the decisions we make. Eventhough we are all better, many are questioning what we did wrong to get sick…as if

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  7. Wow, another of life’s changing experiences. Thank you for your inspiring testimony, dear sister. And you’re right about where we’re allowed / not allowed to gather: protests, Walmart, and funerals for famous people = okay, but not church??? I’m so glad your church was / is open, for you all to gather together for comfort, fellowship, and Godly counsel.
    Prayers for you as you grieve the loss of your friend.

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  8. I am so happy for your praise report, to God be all the glory. I am sorry to hear about your church sis (my condolences). Thank God she is safe now in the arms of Jesus. Take good care and yes, you are right, if we can go to walmart we can go to Church. Amen

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