She’s Ready

In Loving Memory of My friend Sue July 9, 1954- Aug 31, 2020

I stood there watching as heaven’s door opened with a wide swing

Angelic hosts were sent; a mission from the King

Instructions clutched tight in their hands

His decree, His written demands…

“She’s ready, she’s finally free.

She’s ready, I need her here with Me

She fought the good fight, she won the race

Now she will eternally rest her eyes upon My face”

Words cannot describe how her eyes shone

As God’s soldiers brought her home

Looking down she saw her body, brand new

Her hands, her arms no longer bruised and blue

A robe so white, pristine, and clean

Placed upon her shoulders by her loving King

“Daughter, daughter…are you coming? It’s time!

For you have fulfilled this plan of mine.”

And with her chin held high, she turned, looked at me

Through a smile she said so lovingly…

Do not cry your tears of grief and loss

For disease and pain, they are no longer my boss

And with a quick bound of her agile bare feet

She turned and ran down the golden street


38 Replies to “She’s Ready”

  1. Made me cry again! I was so happy you talked and read this poem at Sue’s Memorial Service yesterday. You honored her beautifully, Amy. We shall miss her until we see her again!

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      1. What a beautiful word picture! We do mourn because we will miss our late loved ones, but we can know that they are so happy, and waiting for us.
        I’ve dreamt of my late mother and mother-in-law, too. It leaves you with such a profound feeling, doesn’t it – That they are still with you? (I’m not sure why we call them “late.” They may not get to heaven early, but they got there before we did. 😉 )
        P.S. Love the picture of the golden street, too! ❤

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  2. I’ve wondered where you were. It’s good to have you back. This poem is so heartfelt and love filled. As I read the comments I see that it’s about a friend that recently passed. It’s a perfect send off for this lady who apparently suffered great pain in life and now rests in her father’s hands. Words that come from experience are often our best. Sorry for your loss.

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