Even At The Doors

Don’t they see? Don’t they hear?

Lord, Your coming is so near

Earthquakes in diverse places

Heartache and hatred on their faces

Germs hidden away, air tight

Masks come off though during the fight

Quiet the riots dear Lord

Then may they hear Your Word

Stop the fearful webs from spinning

Show them all no one is winning

Is it time for iniquity to abound?

Has their love waxed cold; never to be found?

Will the cold hearts hear Your trumpet’s call?

Or will You tell them depart, I never knew you at all?

Your heart breaks at the beginning of sorrows

For you know they are running out of tomorrows….

Amy Blount July 2020

Images found on the internet.


27 Replies to “Even At The Doors”

      1. It is scary at times and then I see hope within the hearts of others and in their actions😊

        I am doing ok. Just missing Angie terribly right now and worn out from work. The heat is a killer and just drains me.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I bet you are!! Maybe you can share some pics and update us when you have time?
        Remember baby Laikyn? My sons daughter that was born prematurely-she is 20 months old and about to be a big sister!!

        We are doing very well! Thank you!
        God is faithful !

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