Perturbing thoughts, questions, ideas and plain old fashioned rants…how’s that for a title?

1. People who wear masks look at the unmasked with disdain.

2. The public in general are even more rude than before!

3. Taking your child in public is frowned upon…your starved to get out of the house, confused with the times child…

4. Time to have church at Walmart, Home Depot but not Dollar Tree. They didn’t like me without a mask in there.

5. No more friendly wave from the neighbor. We are now on opposite sides of the road and opinions.

6. Positve note: Those who were baffled with our decision to homeschool this year are now telling me how lucky we are not to be hassling with elearning and the confusion with emails and video classroom chats.

7. Hearts are turning to God!

8. I don’t envy the President. And I wish I could give him a hug…somedays.

9. I wonder what illnesses we will contend with when we all are scrubbed of good and bad germs and lowered immune systems as we walk out our doors when we finally can. Will they see then? Or just more political blame?

10. Anyone else notice the stares you get if you’re in a store chatting with someone you haven’t seen in a while? There us no fun allowed. It’s as if grocery shopping has become war. There are rules of engagement now and everyone is considered the enemy.

11. Come on America…we’re better than this. What would our founding fathers say to this behavior?

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