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I am your Ruth, you’re my Naomi.

You’re such a crucial part of my testimony.

Motherless, always searching for a mother to love.

I found you and you showed me the way to the Father above.


Patient and kind, heart full of charity.

The mother I have in you surely is a rarity.

Quick to forgive, quick to understand.

Slow to anger, never do you demand.


No words could I spin to show how priceless you are.

No other mother’s love could ever reach as far.

Thank you for being what my own couldn’t be.

Thank you, thank you for your unconditional love for me.




38 Replies to “Mom”

    1. Amen! Thanks. I wrote it last year and thought it suitable for today. My creative gears have slowed some with the slowing down of life. Ready to be back to normal…whatever that will be. I pray you are well

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      1. Yes, Amy, we are! Praying you are! In March I became 70 and understand about creativity slowing a bit. Lord bless you!!

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  1. Beautiful! I identify! I had a friend who was 12 years older than me who became a substitute mother to me when I was 18 years old until the day she died of cancer in 1998 at the age of 60. She was like what you describe in your poem.

    But, my mother wasn’t a bad person. She was just emotionally withdrawn from us children. My dad was the abuser. So, I just didn’t feel loved growing up. So, my friend loved me in the way that I needed. She was Jesus to me.

    So glad that you had a “mom” like that, too, that filled that void for you. Your poem about her is just wonderful! Thank you for sharing. Very touching!! ❤

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