Amy’s, Indiana is Opening up finally, World!

This week has been a hard week as a homeschool mom. I tried a new way with setting a timer for every 40 mins. I told the girls when the time went off, they could go run and jump for 10 mins. Problem with it was, that the timer would go off and a thought would get interrupted. I should have put boundaries on it and dismissed them rather than letting them fly like eagles. Once they heard the sound of the timer, their brains shut off. Lol. So back to the drawing board.

I’ve learned more than anything, with homeschooling, that what works for one may not work for the other which requires me to be versatile in my approach to each child.

I have to be completely honest that this week was the hardest and the week where I seriously thought of throwing in the towel. I won’t, though. But it was a thought….which caused me to discouraged and not come to the school day in a positive manner.

New week coming up. New hope. The Corna mess just doesn’t help as well.

Anyone else out there miss their church? I’ve learned just how much of an outlet my church is for me. I’m so very grateful and blessed to say that we’ve had drive in church the last 3 weeks. So much work has gone into it by the leaders. I don’t take that lightly.

While some of us are sitting around waiting, others are working harder than ever…in many fields of work.

Church is the other half of our lives. Seriously. Can’t wait for them doors to swing wide!

Until then…I crochet (next blanket is almost done then I’ll share the pic with you all), do laundry, try to homeschool and cook endless amounts of meals. I also get very excited to go to the store!Made homemade granola. Message me for for the very simple recipe.Tinker toys…because they’re good for boredom!Today we went to my dad’s and fished with my sister while my husband helped dad fix his roof.

Got a little bass. I gave it back it’s life. We had a nice day. Got some sunshine. Right after that pic was taken the fish flipped everywhere and I screamed!

20 Replies to “Amy’s, Indiana is Opening up finally, World!”

  1. You will get the home schooling figured out. I have faith in that 🙂 I laughed about getting excited to go to the grocery store. I use to only go once a month, or once every 2 months if I could get away with it. Now, I have to go once a week and get excited too hahaha 🙂 Your granola looks so good! I love granola. Once I started making it myself, it is so much better, and we eat a lot more of it. Hang in there Sister 🙂

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  2. Good pictures Amy! 💕

    Nice bass!

    I miss church too. No drive in church here. One pastor was gonna do that for Easter I think and he got bullied so bad, he canceled it and APOLOGIZED. 😓

    I found a church like yours here and I have been watching their services on YouTube (it’s the pastor and the praise team, churches are closed here). I love them.

    This church gives out food to the community like crazy in the church parking lot it looks like, but they can’t have drive up church? My goodness, they would be front page news and shut down most likely. This is nuts. I don’t agree with that at all. There is nothing wrong with people sitting in their cars at church. In some states, the members get tickets for it and the preachers get death threats for holding services outside.

    Good job on the homeschooling. That is not an easy job! My daughter has had so many tantrums and is sick of being stuck inside.

    Happy Sunday! I hope this week is better for us all.

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    1. My Autistic daughter needs her day services badly. She wasn’t doing well at all for a while…but she’s coming out of it.
      Why can the grocery store pack in the people but the church can’t? Why can you go thru the drive thru but not sit in the parking lit for church?
      We’ve been blessed with a great church in a small town. So not many flags go up around us.
      This whole thing is crazy.

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      1. Yes, the change in routine causes so many problems for our special children. No warning either, everything just closed… life as they know it stopped.

        Exactly! No one closed the grocery stores down. I read the other day that one of the drive-in movie theaters is opening up here. But, a pastor apologized for trying to have drive-thru church? So crazy.

        Yes, that is a blessing to be in a small town. I lived 16 years in a small town and I would much rather be there right now. It’s nuts here. I think people are safer and have more freedom in small towns. I miss it.

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  3. At least he waited for you to take the photo before letting you know he couldn’t breathe by flopping to get your attention😂

    Glad y’all are opening up!

    The whole church versus store thang is nuts. Maybe it’s the less than ten group rule 🤔 Nah, that can’t be it. I have NEVER, even at 3am, seen a store with that few of people shopping. Crazy!

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  4. One day at a time! It’s easier said than done here too. My parents church is opening next weekend because our county is allowed to open some facilities, but they said everyone has to wear masks and stay six feet apart and honestly, my kids are having a hard time with all the mask wearing. It’s creepy. So we’re not going. We’ll wait until only people who are vulnerable have to wear the masks.

    Looks like a nice day out fishing at least! We headed to a local greenhouse and it was so nice to get out. I don’t even know if I can plant the flowers I got yet, but I’m going to try because … why not!? I have to do something with this nice day God has give us!

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  5. Yay for nice weather and for getting out in it!!! So happy for you. Outside walks around the house are nice, but not the same as GETTING OUT. I love the smiles in your pictures.
    We had church today, in the church, for the first time in two months. It was such a blessing to see everyone again; but no hugs. I miss the hugs. But I’ll take what I can get. We got to sing hymns together. ~ happy sigh ~

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  6. Amy, I empathize with you wanting life to be normal again. I think most folks probably feel the same. I had four children, so I empathize there, too. I didn’t home school, but I helped with homework and science projects and term papers (I think that is what it is called, you know those research papers). I feel for moms of young children right now. Thanks for sharing your life with us. I always enjoy reading your stories.

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