Soup of Truth

Scattering like bugs on hot cement

People frantic, can you hear their lament?

Fear has taken control, a driving force

Determined lives now thrown off course

Seems as though they run to find a truth

Willing to listen to sputterings of the uncouth

Fingers of blame pointing to all four winds

As the soup of truth gets more and more thinned

What do You have to say about it all?

What do You tell them when they call?

I’m sure love and forgiveness are first on your lips

Do they know they can guzzle from your well, rather than tiny sips?

In the light I see tiny dust particles swirling

As truth is lifted off its shelf, twirling

I hear the slow creaking of a Book being opened

A place where they can always put their hope in…

A map, a guide to light their way

If only they heed what Your words say…!

Behold I am doing a new thing, it shall spring forth

I will bring you out of the wilderness, you’ll find true north

Our Guide, our Truth, and our Way

Is coming soon, humble yourself and pray


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